[Vendor] Interest Check on ISO ES Keycap Set: Old Lavanda, Shady Sands, Platinum Rover (Vote)

Hello all!

A while ago, we mentioned how we would like to increase the availability of ISO ES sets and we are making some progress towards this goal!

After contact with a few Keycap manufacturers, we were able to have Taihao (Keycap Manufacturer in Taiwan) produce ISO ES for the Spanish community. We are really happy to get this far! but we are presented with a few challenges!

The set will be PBT Doubleshot and include Alphas, Numpad, F-Row, mods (as seen on the picture) as well as a Compatability set (1.75 left shift, 1u Fn, 1u right alt, 7u Spacebar)

We wanted the community to have as much say as possible on this. We have 3 sets available to vote on: Shady Sands, Platinum Rover, and Old Lavanda

We are running a poll to see which colorway is the most popular within our community and receive feedback.

For this project to succeed, MOQ will be 300 units! As you know, this is no small number and we need all the support and interest we can get!

Thank you all for your time!

I neither use ISO, nor would I be in the market for this - but what is the internet for if not sharing opinions on things you know nothing about? lol.

You are more likely to hit MOQ in a classic color scheme like white on black with some accent keys (maybe green mods and blue enter, like an Amstrad CPC64).

You are also more likely to hit MOQ if you throw in some other rare language support like Swedish language characters. Then you will have two underserved groups for your MOQ pool.

Hello and thank you for the much-needed feedback!

Combing it with other languages is a great idea and I will make sure to explore it to make sure we realize this dream.

Spanish, just like other communities, is really starved out of language-specific keycaps. If I manage to satisfy these two communities, that would be awesome.

I know for sure they already have the molds for PBT, the sell a full kit for their Miami set: