[Vendor] KEEBMAT.com is live - Custom cut 40%, 60%, 65%, 75%/TKL, and Alice KEEBMATs!

Go check it out and let me know what you think! All sizes are in stock and ship out the next day! :slight_smile:

The 10% discount code from the original soft launch is still active: KEEBTALK


no full-size :laughing:

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we tried to figure out the shipping first - current mats can just be sent via envelope/bag - a full-size would need to be rolled and a box… :wink:


where do these ship from?

From a massive warehouse in Shenzhen - it’s tracked air, usually arrives within a week to two max (aside when it gets caught in customs). So far no complaints :smiley:

If you select your country on checkout you can see the shipping cost and shipping time estimate!

I’m just going to post this here to not spam the category.

Halloween Sale is still live for today because I forgot all day yesterday and the day before…

20% off with discount code BOO - no limits, all products! :slight_smile:

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