[Vendor] Kinetic Labs | Introducing Penguin Tactile Switches | 10% Off All Items!

Hello friends! I’m Keybonbon, and I run Kinetic Labs. I’m excited to share a new item as my first post here on Keebtalk.

We’ve just released the new Penguin Tactile Switches in stock at Kinetic Labs. These are tactile switches from JWK with ergo clear tactility (not a T1 or Koala stem).

For a sound test and initial impressions, see Taeha’s stream from a few weeks ago:

  • 00:45 Sound / feel comparisons with other switches
  • 03:15 TGR Alice + Penguins sound test

They come completely unlubed and have a 63.5g spring (67g variety coming next week). You have the option of 10, 70, 90, or 110 packs (with greater savings the more you buy). Orders of 70+ include several 78g springs to be used on space bars and modifiers for a bouncy feel.

Alexotos is streaming now and he’ll be building a Maja + Penguin switches (and giving it away later on IG) in case you want to see them in action on stream!

We’re also celebrating the end of the year with a 10% off coupon code NEWYEARS , valid until Jan 1st.

For more updates please join our Discord and follow us on Instagram . And as always please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly if you have any questions!

Thanks so much for the support, it honestly means a lot! <3


I love the look of these, and like the idea of a crisp tactile not chasing the Halo’s coattails. I also appreciate the clear communication about the price scaling with quantity. :+1:

This definitely makes me think of Ice King and his little buddy Gunter.


I really like the info u give about the switch on the site there. Would be awesome if everyone could do it like that.


63.5g spring and “ergo clear” like switches. interesting. I’ll have to try some out and put under the force curve machine


Hi Keybonbon!
My mates and I in Oz just ordered some. So happy with the addition to the zoo lineup of tactile switches: Pandas, Kangaroos, Koalas and now Penguins.
Can’t wait!

haha wow I hadn’t made that connection but you’re so right-- I love that!!

I would love that!! I can send you some free of charge for keeb science! I’ll reach out on Discord :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!! Seriously means a lot :heart:

– Also sorry everyone on this thread if I replied in a weird way that caused it to ping everyone (just noticed the help message on the right that suggests batching replies versus individually replying)

No worries, I ended up placing an order