[Vendor] New KEEBMAT Premium Felt Edition & (belated) Cyber Monday Deals are live!

Our brand new Premium Felt Edition KEEBMATs are finally in-stock, we are still waiting for prettier desk setup pictures but they are available to order and ship next day :

3mm of premium fluffy felt on 2mm of super spongy natural rubber - feels great, looks great, sounds great!

Original KEEBMATs are also still in-stock , gray and black. Latter finally got some pictures! :slight_smile:

Our Cyber Monday Discount is 20% OFF on all products with the code: CYBERMAT

Even better: We also set up an automatic deal, buy 2 and get 1 more for free! Every third product added to your cart is free.

Any questions don’t hesitate to DM us, send an email, or use the in page chat!

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(75% oversized feltmat for space65 but looks nice :smiley:)


I haven’t pulled the trigger on a felt mat yet, but I can vouch for the other keebmats. I really enjoy mine and it is nice to have some of my desk back. Only thing I am sour about is how much I enjoy them; they make me regret all the other oversize deskmat GBs I joined. :joy:

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