[Vendor] Prevail Key Co. - Monstargear K80 PC & Alu | Lube, Lube Stations, SPRiT Springs & More Accesories

Prevail Key Co. has plenty of accessories in stock and ready to ship. We have all the popular lubricants, Monstargear lube stations, SPRiT springs, Durock PCB/Plate mounted stab kits and more accessories.

There are pre-order units available of the Monstargear XO PC K80, these units are expected to start shipping Feb. 2021. You can find all product information, including build videos and typing tests on the product page.

The Monstargear XO Alu K80 pre-orders will open on 1/19 at midnight EST, when the date rolls over to the 19th. These TKLs will have black, burgundy and purple color options available and are at a lower price point than the PC K80. You can find all the information on the product page and these units are also expected to ship next month, Feb. 2021.

We’re always looking for more product suggestions, ideas, feedback, critcism, etc. Thanks for all your support, we’ve grown fast and can’t thank everyone enough!