[Vendor] Prevail Key Co. | New Durock Switch Films & Durock Plate-Mounted Stabs!

Chris from Prevail Key Co. and just wanted to make a post introducing the shop. We’re based out of Florida (yes, I know, it’s Florida :frowning: ) and although we’re new, we’ve already expanded our product offerings. We ship internationally and try to offer better than average shipping deals, like $6 flat shipping in CONUS for orders $50+ (or less, whichever is cheapest). We also reduced international shipping a flat $4-6 on average depending on location and weight of the order.

Currently we have a healthy stock of Krytox GPL 205g0, TriboSys 3203 & 3204 and Krytox GPL 105 oil. Lube brushes, Durock V1 stab kits (6.25U only), Switch Stem Holders (Silver/Blue options) and Deskeys Switch Films are also in stock.

We’ve also just added alumninum wire keycap pullers (5 colors), Monstargear aluminum switch openers (Black/Pink) and have switch pullers on the way. Check out our Current Deals page on the site for some current lube deals going on.

We like to chat with everyone and take any all feedback/product suggestions seriously, we hope to be another valuable addition to the community and keep things in stock that people want. We welcome any and all questions, so please feel free to ask here or via email at info@prevailkeyco.com



I wasn’t sure if just replying with updates is fine or making a new post. I didn’t want to clog up the forum with multiple posts like I do on r/mm.

We’ve added Deskeys switch films, more stem holders (got a better deal so knocked $1 off the price) and have a beginner kit available. Beginner kit comes with:

1x Lube Station, 1x Brush, 1x Stem Holder, 1x jar 205g0, 1x jar 3203, 1x vial of 105, 1x pack of switch films and 1x set of Durock stabs. Kit price is $104.95, save over $11 compared to purchasing separately. Since it’s over $100, qualifies for free U.S. shipping.

Thanks for any and all support, we just finished our first month and it’s been pretty amazing.


Looks awesome! Love not having to pay twice as much in shipping as what I spent on the actual products!

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We now have Durock V2 stab kits available, smokey kits sold out in 2 days. We still have a decent amount of clear kits. More have already been ordered and hopefully will arrive within the next week.

The Durock V2 stab kits come with: 4x 2u stab, 1x 6.25u stab and 1x 7u wire. Only the 7u wire is included, does not come with housing so one kit will give you a choice to use either the 6.25u or 7u.

Beginner kits have the option for V2 stab kit for an extra $5, V2 kits are reasonably priced at $22.95 and V1 kits have been reduced to $16.95 (the V1 kits do NOT come with a 7u wire, only 6.25).

Thanks for any and all support!!


Picked up a few things a week ago. Nice, fast, and in stock. :+1:

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Thank you so much for the kind words, we appreciate your support!


The Durock V2 stab kits are restocked, just got them in today. Same kits as before, in same color housing options. For transparency we adjusted pricing a little, V1/V2 kits increased $1 each and out of single wire options for V1 stabs, so kits only for both.

As a reminder, V1 stab kits do not come with a 7u wire or washers, 6.25u only, V2 kits still come with the 7u wire + washers. Thanks in advance for any and all support, we appreciate all of you.

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Some new product additions and for anyone that is familiar with MechGroupBuys community, we’re now an affiliate sponsor for Cobertt from MGB. Use code COBERTT to get 5% off your order, works on anything except bundles (Shopify’s system won’t let you stack discount codes).

  • Monstargear switch openers, these are aluminum and come in black/pink colors
  • Blue switch stem holders, still have silver ones available
  • TriboSys 3204 lube has arrived, we now carry Krytox GPL 205g0, TriboSys 3203/3204 & Krytox GPL 105 oil, all sold in 5ml quantities
  • Updated beginner kits to include new product additions, save some $ when getting everything together

Aluminum wire keycap pullers have been added, 5 colors available! Updated the original post for more changes. We appreciate all the support we’ve been getting, thank you!

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BFCM Sale is live, 10% off store wide, prices on a couple of our lube bundles reduced and all orders $40+ ship FREE in the U.S.

Ends Monday, 11/30 at 11:59pm - also all of these discounts are automatic, no code required.

Durock V2 stab kits are now restocked and available on the shop! Will run 10% off these kits into Tuesday to make up for them not being available yesterday.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday and even if you don’t celebrate, we hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and happy. Cheers!

Edit - Switch pullers are now in stock and available on the shop! These are Kelowna (RAMA Style) switch pullers. They are 10% off as well during the sale until it ends.

New Prevail branded lube stations are now in stock! These are the same Monstargear lube stations, just in Black/Red colors with our sword logo laser etched on it.

Sorry for all the frequent updates, just a lot going on! These lube stations are 10% off until Friday at 5pm since they arrived late and were not available for the BFCM sale. Durock V2 stab kits are 10% off until end of day tomorrow for the same reason.



Yet another update, we’ve added newly released Durock switch films and Durock plate-mounted stabilizers. The switch films are 0.15mm and are made from a HTV+PC material, there is a certain way to install them if you read the below information (image provided by Durock).


The plate-mounted stabilizers use stainless steel wires, are not pre-clipped and come in either black or white housing options. These are kits and like the PCB screw-in kits, come with 4x 2u, 1x 6.25u and 1x 7u (wire only). Since they are not pre-clipped, we’ve added a ‘Clipped’ option for an extra $3 (each kit) we will clip them for you. If you rather not spend the money, or want to learn how to do it yourself, then you can still order them ‘Non-Clipped’ as they are from the factory. Non-clipped is the default option.

We also placed an order with Thicc Films to carry their version of switch films, in different colors so there’s more options for everyone. Deskeys will be restocked in the near future.

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Gearing up for my first venture into lubing switches. First class service at Prevail Key Co., processed the SAME NIGHT. I ordered late at night and woke up to find an email telling my order was processed at 3 am! Apparently they were up too. Shipped immediately, I have the goods just a couple of days later. I even got a “Thank you” email from them. Thank YOU, Prevail Key Co!

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