[Vendor] Prevail Key Co. | New U.S. Based Vendor

Chris from Prevail Key Co. and just wanted to make a post introducing the shop. We’re based out of Florida (yes, I know, it’s Florida :frowning: ) and although we’re new, we’ve already expanded our product offerings. We ship internationally and try to offer better than average shipping deals, like $5 flat shipping in CONUS for orders $50+ and free U.S. shipping on orders $100+ We also reduced international shipping a flat $5-8 on average depending on location and weight of the order.

Currently we have a healthy stock of Krytox GPL 205g0, TriboSys 3203 and Krytox GPL 105 oil. Also have Durock stabs, Monstargear lube station (the same one :3ildcat uses), brushes, 4-prong gem holder that’s great for holding switch stems. Have an order of Deskeys switch films on the way and will be ordering springs soon. We also run a lot of deals when ordering multiple products, for example buy 1 quantity of lube, get another one for 10% off and get 1x of each lube (1x 205g0, 1x 3203 & 1x 105) for $35 to save a few $$.

We like to chat with everyone and take any all feedback/product suggestions seriously, we hope to be another valuable addition to the community and keep things in stock that people want. We welcome any and all questions, so please feel free to ask here or via email at info@prevailkeyco.com



I wasn’t sure if just replying with updates is fine or making a new post. I didn’t want to clog up the forum with multiple posts like I do on r/mm.

We’ve added Deskeys switch films, more stem holders (got a better deal so knocked $1 off the price) and have a beginner kit available. Beginner kit comes with:

1x Lube Station, 1x Brush, 1x Stem Holder, 1x jar 205g0, 1x jar 3203, 1x vial of 105, 1x pack of switch films and 1x set of Durock stabs. Kit price is $104.95, save over $11 compared to purchasing separately. Since it’s over $100, qualifies for free U.S. shipping.

Thanks for any and all support, we just finished our first month and it’s been pretty amazing.


Looks awesome! Love not having to pay twice as much in shipping as what I spent on the actual products!

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