[Vendor] Shockport Keyboards is a new Canadian Vendor with free shipping and free samples

Hey everyone,

My wife and I are looking to make the hobby easier for Canadians. We started Shockport Keyboards trying to change the game. We are new and building our our library of products. We currently have an arrangement of stocked items from NK (creams, Jade thick clicks), Gateron (switches), Durock (switches, stabs), KBDFans (60% cases, brass plates, openers, and PCBs), Lubes (krytox), and Films (tx and Durock).

We offer free shipping Canada wide on every order and you can request a sample of our in stock items to try with every purchase.

Come check us out.


sounds like keyboard costco. good luck on your business!

Ha! Thanks. We are really trying to do something different and customer focused.

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@Jeremy_Shockport I added your shop to our community list. Nice work buddy.


Gateron Yellow Ink
Type Linear

Actuation 50 g

Pre-travel 2mm

Total Travel 4mm

Sound Level Quiet


Iā€™m still working on the descriptions. Thanks for calling that out, they are pretty weak tbf.

NP, u are not the only one. :wink: