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Hey KeebFAM!!!

This one is gone be quick(ish) and dirty - I got work to do :slight_smile: . Happy Black History Month!

Restocks and Highlights

Current Inventory:

Other News!

Please Check out all the 3DKeebs sponsored Streamers - they good people, and they have a lil something for everyone - also … discount codes

We were able to make our largest donation to BlackGirlsCode for December and January’s sales! So thank you to every flipping customer! If you are not aware 3DKeebs donates 5% of our ( lol who is “our”… its just me yall lmao) Net Profits to Black Girls Code monthly.

  • Marshmallows - the kid been waiting for a while, they have still not arrived. I am still awaiting tracking. I def paid for them. So they def coming…

Dassit! I heart yall ! As always - STAY SAFE! STAY THOCKY!

  • Davis.

Shoutout to @deadeye He a real one!!


Ooh new springs to try!!!


reading the product description for the springs… now typing this on my 55g bobas with gold aftermarket springs and wishing you guys offered 55g so I could swap them out ASAP

I can get them! I’ll be ordering more weights this week!


Hey, right on with the bigger containers of switch lube! Cool new lube station, too. :ok_hand:

Glad to hear it, your deskmat is also awesome!

sooonn I wanted to test them out - they are doing pretty well so I’ll order more size variants :slight_smile:

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