Vertical 2U spacebar question

I use an Iris split keyboard at home and have problems getting the spacebar to sound good. It has a 2U spacebar that is oriented vertically and my thumb naturally hits the key on the bottom edge (circled in picture below).

Since I hit the key off-center, the stabilizer usually makes a ticking / rattling noise. I have tried lube but have not been successful. I would change to two 1U keys but that involves desoldering, which I hate. I was wondering if there are any 2U spacebars available that are angled vertically, similar to a numpad enter key, with the height being lower at the bottom to match the angle of my thumb better. Also, if anyone has had this problem and found a solution, any ideas or recommendations are appreciated.

Not sure on this but maybe you could take one of the vertical numpad 2U keys of a Cherry set and use it upside down?

Maybe DCS 2u keycaps from pimpmykeyboard? If you look in options they come in a R2/3 and R3/4 vertical, unfortunately they only appear to have those options in black right now. I think a numpad enter is R4/4 vertical and a numpad “+” is R2/3 vertical, either one of those might be an option as well. There are also DSA 2u keycaps, they aren’t angled but they are lower overall profile. The downside is that most DSA 2u keycaps seem to be concave which makes for less thumb-friendly edges. F10 and G20 profile keycaps also come in 2u and could be options as well.

Thanks for the suggestions. I was looking for a keycap similar to the R2/3 vertical + but convex like a spacebar. I did not consider using a different profile that was lower. I will look around to see if there are any R2/3 keys or numpad kits available that would work. The keycaps I use are MT3, so perhaps the new MT2 profile that is in the works would be an option since they will supposedly be lower height.

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