[VIDEO] VIA Configurator Demo

A few people have asked me how the new VIA Configurator is working out. As you can’t get past the loading screen without a Rama or ZealPC board, most people haven’t had a chance to see it in action.

Here’s a quick 2 minute demo of me messing around with VIA Configurator version 0.2.7 on my Zeal60 Rev 4.

I’m quite excited about this new tool and hope to see it gain more traction in the coming year!

Keyboard Specs:

Zeal 60 Rev 4

Magnetic USB C connector (Volta Cables)

GMK Serika + TX Keyboard escape key

67g Zilent V1


Great vid, Merlin. Have you noticed that the loading animation is different every time you launch? A little code based animation Olivia and I worked on together. So fun!

Via configurator looks promising and like you said on Top Clack’s Christmas special, we finally have a replacement of the BMC.

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Wow, nice touch! I never noticed haha. I was always too concerned with the loading bar.

also the Verne is supported as its designed by @Wilba :smile:

I have to say though, using VIA personally on a couple of boards I am really impressed and it will be featuring in a few Top Clack build streams this month as well

Is this open source? Or will it be released as such in the future? And what is required by the compatible boards that makes them different from any other QMK compatible board?

Would personally looove to add support for my own boards to make iterating on layouts a lot faster. This looks really promising :slight_smile:

I was about to ask the same as @nonah, is it open source? Were do we open questions and make suggestions?

Everything you might need to read will probably be on GitHub