Vintage blacks vs jwk

I found some vint blacks for a great price and was wondering how do they compare to jwk switches? (Tangerines,alpaca,lavender,h1,mauve,etc,etc)

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They will probably sound better and feel scratchier.

Do u have a date code for the vints?


If you don’t like the vint blacks you can almost always find someone who will buy it from you

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I’ve found vint blacks to be overhyped.If you want the sound try Greetech blacks. Cheaper, smoother and less wobble. One of the more underrated switches out there IMO. I have vintage blacks in my Keycult No2 and I’m currently swapping them out with Greetechs.

JWKs are completely different. Much smoother and different sounding.

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That’s like a perfect description dude. Well said.

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I heard somewhere that h1s were meant to be vint blacks but better. Is that right?

Also: Shoobs has a nice comparison video on YouTube.

That was the intent, at least.

I never expected them to be like vint blacks, but bought samples anyway.

They turned out to be better-than-expected. Not Cherry-feel, but at the time, R1 of the H1 switch was the tightest and best factory-lubed switch from JWK. It had a ‘heavy’ 78 G spring, but it didn’t feel that heavy, more like 72 G.

So it wasn’t going to sound or feel like vint blacks, just a heavy JWK linear. But it was so good, you could probably use them stock if you wanted to.

EDIT: They largely got the aesthetic right, at least.

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