Vintage Computer Federation Swap Meet

I attended the VCF swap meet yesterday. Unfortunately I was not able to get there early so I missed out on many sweet computers and interesting boards. I was able to snag some decent stuff though.

Two guys were selling C64s in bulk and I got 5 units for $30 (total not each). Even if they all have faults I should be able to cobble together a couple working systems from the parts.

Other show highlights include many Model M keyboards that I didn’t need priced between $50-$80.

Also spotted an Ortek White Alps clone battleship.


dang that looks awesome! when I used to live in Boston I would frequent the flea at MIT and some cool stuff would turn up once in a while. I’m not familiar with VCF but just looked it up, that looks rad I bet that swap meet was lit, looks like you had a good haul

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When I lived near Stanford many years ago there was a large electronic flea market, but it sort of died on the vine. Back in the day though it was amazing.

There is a VCF West, but I am not sure where they meet.

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