Vortex Keyboard 丨Model M SSK KIT Coming soon! (Tribute to IBM Model M)

Hello everyone :wave:
This is Vortex Keyboard :cyclone:
Some of you may have known us through our previous models, such as Pok3r、Race 3 or Core.
We’ve launched “KBt RE:” & “PC66” recently (a tribute to IBM PCjr)
And we are excited to announce to you that we will release Model M SSK KIT later this year :partying_face:

IC Form
Official Web

The prototype just arrived few days ago

And the brass and aluminum plate prototype


● Layout: ANSI / ISO (WK & WKL)
● Gasket mount structure
● Case Material : Aluminum
● Weight: Approximately 2kg
● USB-C Connectivity
● PCB will be available in five versions,and they are all with QMK/VIA/Vial support

  • ANSI hot-swap PCB (Spacebar: 6.25u)
  • ISO hot-swap PCB (Spacebar: 6.25u)
  • ANSI hot-swap PCB (Spacebar: 7u)
  • ISO hot-swap PCB (Spacebar: 7u)
  • ANSI/ISO solderable PCB (Spacebar: 6.25u/7u)

※Compatible with MX and MX clone switches
※Only solderable PCB supports stepped Caps lock.


  • PCB x2 (Main PCB and F-row PCB)
  • Aluminum Case x1
  • Plate x1
  • Poron foam x 2
  • Gasket set x 1
  • Vortex aluminum badge x1
  • Screws set x1
  • Rubber feet and hex key


The final price has not yet been decided.
All we can tell is that it will be under 300 USD.

Join us on Discord for more latest update and information :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Really looking forward to it. Can’t believe you can do this for $300. Do you have any photos of the prototype with keycaps installed?


I love the attention to detail and the design choices made. To me, this is a great example of a design inspired by something classic evolving into something new.

Very well done! Bravo!


I approve! :ok_hand::grinning::+1:


cant wait for this to come out!

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Yeah ! We do have pictures with keycaps installed.
Keycaps are for reference only.Model m kit will not include any keycaps or switches.

As for the carrying case, it will be included :grin:


Thank you so much:) It is really great to hear that.
Your words mean a lot to us.
We’re just getting started. M0110 is the next in line.


This was the area I was most interested in seeing.


I remember there was a previous interest check that was scheduled to run for a similar model M tribute board that used a flexible PCB and curved plate. I think it was TKC who planned to run it, but it never happened. Obviously that is a more difficult endeavor and not really necessary if you use sculpted keycaps.

The straight bottom edge of the keycaps does look a bit awkward next to the curved detail of the case. Maybe it’s just the angle of the photo, but it seems like the bezel should have been raised a bit to cover the bottom skirt of the keycaps (also better for hiding the switches)

Still a very lovely idea and even nicer with the included case!


Whew. Dodged another compelling bullet with my addiction to Tsangan layout. Looks too damn good otherwise.