Vortex maybe getting into the Apple M0110 tribute game

Interesting render on their Instagram. I wonder if it will go anywhere.



That’s pretty exciting. It has a #diy hashtag too so maybe a kit? Now, will they offer open source programming? Doubt it, but who knows. Thanks for sharing.

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o hek

Has potential

Today is a PCJr tease - https://www.instagram.com/p/CTmFD2MHFgm/?utm_medium=copy_link

I thought I was out of the keyboard game but if they’re going to be doing a TKL Model M, the Apple keyboard and now this… I can’t see how I’ll be able to resist. Especially if they’re hotswap.

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Ohhh I like that! Hopefully they will let you do something cool with the badges.

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They’re being very coy with info.at be they’ve seen the GMMK Pro and Keychron Q1 and realised that customisation as standard is where the money is right now.

Looks like a CA66

They’ve just told me on Instagram that their work on doing a Model F is ‘ongoing’.

I thought I was out…

Would definitely be interested to follow the development of this. It’ll be really nice to see a modern Apple M0110, especially one that’s accessible like through Vortex

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