W1-AT by Geon Works

Is anyone interested and excited about Geon’s W1-AT? Looks pretty nifty for the price and a super unique layout inspired by vintage boards.

Hope these don’t get sell out as fast as the other boards he has done so far!


This looks pretty amazing, but it won’t be for me. I’m all about increasing the top/bottom of keyboards, but I need my left/right real estate.

It’ll also sell out super quick as all Geon boards do. I’ve kind of given up on the Frog for a while. There’s no way I’m beating the bots and the fast clickers. I’ve tried three months now, and tbh its almost impossible.


On a side note, I’m really getting tired of in-stock sales. GB’s or raffles for limited stock would be much better in my opinion (you know, the paradigm that has worked well for years).


I wouldn’t mind the in-stock sales as much if there would at least be a GB option after it’s been run for a couple of months. I think there’s value to in-stock but i’ve also just been so frustrated trying to get a Frog. I’m happy to wait if it means i know I’m gonna get one.


I agree, in-stock to me is when you have a ton of product. Sure it might sell out, but not instantly. With very limited numbers like most “in-stock” custom kits have had, it just lends itself to scalpers & botters. While I do think proper in stock sales will be an amazing thing for the community I agree that we should go back to GB & raffle formats until “in stock” means at least 500 to 1000 units. Even at those numbers we’ll still have to be fast on the draw!

When did CannonKeys Brutal series boards come out? I feel like those have only just now got to a point where they are around long enough that they could be considered in stock.

I was/am interested in a Frog, but it might be a long time before the hype dies down that you don’t have to fight a bunch of people.

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Same here…at this point I have pretty much given up on the Frog. The demand is just too high for it and the colours are just limited for example the dark green will not make a return which is sad because I really like that colour.

But looking forward to the W1-AT because I think not many people will appreciate this kind of layout.


Same here on the green, I really really wanted to get one on the last round but lucked out. Hopefully it makes a return at some point :confused:

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Definitely an interesting layout. I’d be very interested if it was offered with a WinKey version.

I really like the idea of a macro column. I’ve found it exceedingly useful on other boards I’ve built with that configuration. I’ll even go a step further and say that I hope there would be encoder support on the upper row of the macro columns.

The bacca70 is more up your alley?

oof the bacca70 is one nice chonker

Looks like they’re available, if anyone is chasing one.

gavingoh, arcticarc, fatalruin, and aMintyBoy might all be happy to hear its unlimited GB until 11/10.

I am very tempted to pick one of these up but ultimately the form factor really ≠ productivity for me. If I’m going to sacrifice space on the right side of my desk, I’m better off having a nav cluster such as a TKL than a numpad. Yes, numpads can also be nav clusters but TKL is ultimately the most functional layout IMO.


1800 would like a word. :grin:

1800s are :+1:

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yeahhh! I am still thinking to get either grey or burgundy but leaning to the former…How abt you?

If I pick one up, it will likely be Burgundy, as it is different from anything else I own. Either that or raw and beige cerakote it.

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I love the idea and concept of this, but as I’ve been getting older I find my tastes getting pickier and pickier for what I’d actually open my wallet for. Still a hard HMMMMM for me :thinking:

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Tell me about it. My wallet is the one that says Bad Mothertopre on it. Anything short of oneness feels empty these days.