WASD Keyboards sells aluminum housings for their keyboards

I haven’t seen this get much exposure elsewhere so I thought I’d post WASD keyboards selling aluminum housings: *PREORDER* Black Anodized Aluminum Keyboard Case for 104-Key or 105-Key - SHIPS IN 3-4 WEEKS - WASD Keyboards

While this in and of itself isn’t exactly ground breaking, it is pretty cool that they sell housings for full-size. I don’t see full-size aluminum housings often and the price isn’t terrible IMO.

I picked up a silver case to breathe some new life into my old V2—I despised the original plastic housing. It just felt super cheap. The quality is pretty good for the money. Anodization looks clean and the only machine marks I can see are on the inside of the case. They also include a daughter board to convert it to USB type-C which is an added bonus.


Actually looks really nice! Might have to pick one up for work.

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I know! I just found out! I’m biding my time as I just bought a s**t ton of stuff this month.

Cool. They have tkl housings too. $375 for tkl and and case. That’s a pretty big chunk of change.

WASD wakes up, looks around and says, “hey!”

Better late than never.


Thanks for the comeback, i have an old WASD V2 TKL, it will be a great update for it. I’m a little sad, they do not produce colored case :frowning:

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Paint or powder coating is always an option!

I’m going to have to pick one of these up. My work board is an old V2 full size that I put a new plate in so I could use cherry stabs. I also put in Zilents, filled the case with sorbothane, and infilled the top bezel with resin. It’s actually pretty decent now and an aluminum case would be a nice upgrade.

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Zilents would be great in a V2. If I had the patience I’d do the same. I bought mine with zealios right when they started offering them at WASD.

The aluminum case definitely amplifies sound so I lined the bottom with foam to take out some of the hollowness. It worked well but sorbothane would be the better choice if I had enough for a full size case.


Has WASD ever been on the ball, or are they a few years late to everything?

Not really sure. I know when I was doing my due diligence prior to buying my first modern mech board, they were a contender in the prebuilt category. I went with Ducky because I bought a switch tester and decided on MX Whites—Ducky had a TKL with those, so that’s the way I went.

Honestly, I’ve paid very little attention to the prebuilt market for a number of years now, so my opinions are vague and unreliable for companies in the category.

Edit to add: I was drinking beer when I made my initial comment, and I suspect I confused WASD with DAS. Yikes. Sorry.