Wassup guys, I'm OmegaFiveThreeFive 👋


Hey guys,

I’m OmegaFiveThreeFive, I’ve been around the keyboard community for about 18months now.

My other accounts are:

  • Discord: OmegaFiveThreeFive#6654
  • IG/Reddit/Geekhack/Slack: omegafivethreefive

I “run” (99.9% shitpost, the mods do everything) the Canadian MechKeys Discord server. I’m a software developer based in Montreal and a native french speaker.

I spend most of my day typing on my FC660C, but my main focus is collecting artisans in both MX and Topre. Mayhems by Keyforge are my probably my fav artisans, I also enjoy Kwk/Kbk, Bros, Primecaps and Clacks among other things. I’m the lazy 1% that hates soldering and DIY stuff.

Feel free to PM me about stuff, I enjoy talking to people as much as collecting keps.

Here’s me wearing my salty shirt:

I’ll see you folks around :smile:


welcome dude - glad to see you onboard!!


Sweet shirt and tattoo, good to see you here :slight_smile: