Watch and rate

I`m interested to see what you guys plan to watch or have watched and how you would rate your recent short shows or movies.
Maybe I can find new stuff that is interesting.

This week I watched “The Gentlemen” from Guy Ritchie on Prime:

The Gentlemen: Directed by Guy Ritchie. With Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong. An American expat tries to sell off his highly profitable marijuana empire in London, triggering plots, schemes, bribery and blackmail...

I like his movies usually, especially the dry wit and the always surprising endings. Also the way he builds his stories usually leaves you wondering till then end how everything is connected.
One of my other faves from Ritchie is Snatch and the first Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes.

I would rate this an easy 8/10.
This rating because: is this something I would rewatch a few times? No. Its fun but not close as good to Snatch. Its still a movie I would keep playing if it was on free TV and nothing new is on. its a comforting fall back to movie filled with a few clichees

Its witty and fun and isnt boring at any point. Thje actors to me seem very well chosen. The story is easy to follow even though it isnt a simple crime syndicate story. The different protagonists are well explained and dont leave you wondering how they ended up as part of the story.


I recently binged:

I really enjoyed it! I have never watched Top Gear, but I know of Clarkson from Top Gear. The shtick of the show is “rich guy that is not a farmer, buys a farm”. Overall it was really entertaining, and highlights some of the struggles that farmers have to deal with. It was interesting to learn about some of the issues UK farmers face too.

Also the “regular” folk that make appearances on the show are great as well.


I’ve been bingewatching SWAT on CBS lately and I feel like its decent. But there are some stuff they they decided to do on the show that makes me question why. The main team (20 squad) as well as the secondary team (50 squad) use a mix of firearms but most irl Swat teams have a standard set that they use. Also even though they’re based in LA, I dont think LA Swat or any Swat team has access to a UH-60 Blackhawk. The last major issue I have is that usually one person on the team every couple of episodes ends up by themselves when most teams stick together or in smaller groups, but not alone. Other than that its still a pretty decent show to watch imo

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Oh I actually put that on my list now. Thanks

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okay this is actually an amazing show.

You were right the problems farmers face is ridic.

Also…is anyone able to understand Gerald or is it pure guesswork???

Glad you like it! I heard that the show was approved for a second season so that is good.

In the entire 8 episodes, I never got a handle on understanding anything Gerald said :joy:

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