Website for easy filtering and comparing keyboards and keycap sets. I need your help!

Hi there,

I am building a website that aims for helping mechanical keyboard enthusiasts finding and comparing keyboards and keycap sets with specific technical criteria.

The data is as much automated as possible, so that the prices, product availability and existence is always up to date. In addition I correct and patch the scraped data per hand. I am currently heavily working on making the data more comprehensive. The hard part here is currently finding good vendors, that provide a good amount of products, so that setting up scraper scripts is worth it.

In order to make the website really useful for the mechanical keyboard community, I need your help and I would love to hear your feedback!

Do you think this is useful at all?
What should I integrate/ improve to make it more valuable for you?
What is the most pain for you looking for new keyboards and parts?
What vendors do you would like to get integrated?

Thank you so much in advance!


Is this going to be for in-stock products only or for GBs to, and how are you going to manage that?

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I agree, a group buy page could make sense. I think for now it would only be possible for me to integrate group buys from official vendors with sorted data like KBDfans rather than Kickstarter. Which sites are you using the most for group buys?


Those are my frequently used vendors.
But the information/news about a new product, that I obtain (98% of the times) from discord and and keebtalk ofc.

This is a fantastic idea and I applaud your effort. Since you included ISO support in a filter, this will be of interest to r/mechanicalkeyboardsUK.

Thank you so much for providing these vendors! I was not aware of the first three, I will definitely take a look.

Providing more ISO layouts could be indeed interesting, I was not focusing on that currently. I think I might need to look more into EU vendors.

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Both and candykeys. com sites sucks both both are saying that a new one is In the works. (if it matters for your integration)

I think this could be a really useful tool, but like @skepp, I tend to shop at a few specific vendors, almost exclusively, so this wouldn’t be very helpful in my search at the moment.

The vendors I use for keycaps are NovelKeys, CannonKeys, Drop, Omnitype, Divinikey, and (less often) KBDFans and Melgeek.

Keycap material, manufacturer (or brand), and printing type (dyesub, doubleshot, etc) are probably the most important factors for me. Including the price like you did is a nice feature. I really like the way the search changes what the keyboard layout looks like (and cycles through multiple colors). It’s a nice UX feature:

A feature that would be very helpful is some way to find out if the keycap set would work for a particular keyboard. For instance, my Maja v2 is an Arisu layout with a 2u left spacebar (instead of a 2.25u left spacebar like every other Alice/Arisu board). It’s incredibly annoying to find keycap sets that work for it, so it would be nice to be able to search for “all sets that include a 2u spacebar or have a spacebar add-on set that includes a 2u spacebar.” The 2u left shift and 1u right shift on the GK64 board layout is another one that drives me crazy finding a good keycap set; it’s getting better for this one but it’s not universal. Trust me when I say I understand how difficult and time-consuming it would be to gather this info for every single keycap set in the database!

Edit: It would also be nice to be able to link to a particular search/filter results page for sharing/bookmarking.