Weikav Sugar65: $60 CNC'd Aluminum keyboard | Teardown, Review, and Sound Test


I couldn’t stop myself from ordering one during the AliExpress black friday event.

I have yet to receive it but I searched around for a bit and it seems to be using SinoWealth SH68F90 MCU which is based on the 8051 architecture. Sadly there will probably never be support for it in QMK or the SonixQMK fork


It’s already a great value, it would be insane if it also had QMK. I think you’ll be happy with it, I know I am, cheers!


I’m shocked at what this Weikav company has been putting out for such super low prices. I honestly thought this was a plastic case till I watched you video LOL! Any chance you’re gonna be grabbing their Alice styled board the Record? Seen a few people here grabbed one & same as this the value is insane on it. Granted I don’t think either are QMK/VIA compatible & the anno isn’t the best, but considering they are both CNCed alum cases (the Record even has a weight! not sure what material the weight is though) at crazy low pricing I’d be willing to overlook those two things.


I have the Record in my cart, but have yet to pull the trigger, granted I have a stack of keyboards I’ve got to review before year’s end!

Truly a great value!

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