Weird Italian (?) layout

I was looking for vintage keyboards and randomly ran across this:

With my limited knowledge of obscure EU layouts, I assume this is an Italian layout (judging by the accent keys). I have never, ever seen something like this before. It’s pretty similar to AZERTY in terms of some key placements (shifted numrow, R3 M key) but with the parentheses in 4 and 7 instead. Does anyone have more info on this?


According to Wikipedia, it’s an older Italian layout

I have 2 vintage Italian keyboards, but they have the newer QWERTY layout which is more common nowadays.

That Apple board is quite interesting, but I’m not surprised Apple used this layout given it was probably still common back then. And it’s Apple, they’re weird sometimes.


Interesting, so it is actually Italian!

I have some old Italian keyboards as well which is why I was able to recognize the accents, but all of them have the same modified QWERTY layout as well.

According to the same Wikipedia page, Apple supported this layout in their older keyboards (which I assume the ASK is) so it all works out. Thanks!

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