Well Hello

Well what do you know, another community. Hopefully this proves to be a little more intuitive than some of its long-standing contemporaries.

Anywho, many of you probably know me from the Top Clack discord as AdmrlAhab or some variation. I can also be found (more sparingly) on Reddit as u/AdmrlAhab, and on GH and DT as InvidiousIgnoramus.

Those of you who know of me know I have very strong opinions on things that contain tactility and especially that make a “thock” sound. Though my tastes have carried over this hobby in the 4 or so years I’ve been around it, I almost exclusively prefer to use linear switches these days.

If anyone would like to discuss things with me, I can usually be found talking about various linear and vintage (non alps) switch types, or hanging around the more out there board ICs.

Overall, I hope we can get along here, and see this site grow. :v:


Apologies for formatting, typed this out on my phone on break.


welcome bby enjoy

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I look forward to arguing semantics with you.

I mean, discussing linears amicably. Glad to see you here man.


Good to see my favourite debater here :stuck_out_tongue:

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