What are the benefits of Polyoxymethylene (POM)?

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I have seen a lot of discussion about POM being frequently used in the keyboard world and it seems to be prefered over other materials. My question is why are POM parts, i.e. housing plates, switch housings, cases, sought after over other materials such as metal or other plastics?

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Super interesting reading.

It is likely that this is the commonly chosen material for the stems as it has a relatively lower coefficient of friction compared to Polycarbonate and Nylon, which are often the materials that the slider rails in switches would be made out of.


Any thoughts on why one might prefer a POM base plate over a metal one?

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afaik it’s similar to the rationale behind PC/FR4/Carbon Fiber plates (or even just different metals); different flex and acoustic properties to provide different typing experiences and sounds

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Sound and flex. I am looking to try my first POM plate in an upcoming build. My main goal and interest is that I want something with a little bit of flex but something a little more sturdy that polycarbonate. I have another build coming with poly, so I already have the opportunity to try that.

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I have a POM plate and its probably one of my favourite materials. Its soft and flexible, paired with a thinboi pcb (1.2mm) its probably some of the most flexible material combinations possible.

If you don’t like flexibility, then its probably not for you.

Theres also a bonus added benefit that its non-self extinguishing when lit.

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