What are you interesting finds from any local meetups this year?

I just came back from the Singapore’s Keyboard Meetup 2022 and it was really an experience being in such an event since I joined the hobby in the pandemic in 2020! Getting to touch the different boards, is really quite a fun one and to know which boards are really nice for me.

I realized that I have boards that I really like from the meetups almost all are not premium boards! It’s really quite strange to me. So here are the ones I really like and stood out for me (not in ranking):

  1. NCR80 R2 - oh man although it’s a plastic board but the look is super retro and the textured finishing is super nice to the touch. Also though it’s a tray mount but typing feel is really nice for both mounting styles (plateless and tray CF plate)!

  2. IBM Model M - I have always wanted to try a buckling spring keyboard and finally tried it. The typing feel is insanely smooth and the tactility is such a nice rounded bump that is not sharp but very welcoming. I always thought it will be super loud but it is still manageable! Definitely gonna get myself an Unicomp model M. Buckling springs are gooood…

  3. Matrix 2.0add - I always thought that it will be a sounding hollow top mount but it isn’t at all, and the typing feel is really good. The design and finishing is really super unique - especially the led ring is really a wonderful touch too.

What about you? What sort of boards that you felt really amazed at during your local meetups this year?