What are you listening to today?

Haven’t listened to it yet, but Spotify just informed me that the new album is out so I’m going to do that in the car later.

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Yeah, many songs are definitely Future Funk, and by extension DISCO :mirror_ball: rhythm — Trust me, I took quite a bit of dance courses :man_dancing:

In fact, those songs remind me of the work of Yuji Ohno at the end of the 70s, he who provided the sound track for the Captain Future manga animation (Capitaine Flam in French). It may well have served as an inspiration, being Japanese as well.

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Hit Vibes is still one of the most fun vapor albums I can think of - not sure anything has topped that for me, either - but the Flamingo Funk compilations have a nice mix and I found a few other artists I enjoy through them.

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It gets a meh from me, only the 3-4 tracks at the end that I might listen to again…

Listening to the new Armand Hammer single! Very pumped for the new record on friday!

Long time no see. Here’s my most listened to album from the last little while.

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MF Doom, but make him indi-alt-angry.

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Tis the Season, so I am jammin’ out to my Halloween Music Playlist while getting a board ready for Halloween!! :ghost: :jack_o_lantern::keyboard::


Spooky jams with extra metal


I don’t usually go for heavy vocals but ra black sun

Adjacent shenanigans

Nearby keeb stuff:

Wider context in my crusty den to show album’s poster on the wall; I kinda like it:


  • Groovy photo of people and a VW bug

  • Commemorative 1986 Tennessee Homecoming Pepsi bottle that someone left at my house

  • Spencer’s lava lamp from the 90s

  • Rogue Sriracha Stout bottle (yes, it’s good)

  • BBOX60 Commodore 64 version with MCR Horseman B

  • Actual Commodore 64 converted to USB keeb

  • Clear polycarb telephone from the 90s

  • Atari 800XL (uses past-life SA keys and inspired MTNU 800 - just out of view under the Atari)

  • Antlers, kitschy turkeys, wolf plate, and John Wayne plate for lols (I do not hunt, dance with wolves, or watch Westerns)

  • Tiny Elder Scrolls figure (Ordinator from Morrowind)

  • Wee wooden buffalo from Buffalo

  • Plastic cafeteria spoon with landscape oil painting

  • Bluebird of Happiness

  • MojoPad in “Plastic” colorway

  • Romly switch tester


As someone who has occasionally been known to engage in non-committal passive-voicery, I’ll go out on a limb and say I thought this was somewhat funny as heck


First track a.k.a. rainbow unicorn’s theme. This whole album is ridiculously lyrical and joyous. I find the track order very original.

daiki kasho - All My Life

This song adds an extra 15 horsepower when I’m playing Gran Turismo 7.

also unrelated but the Gran Turismo 7 soundtrack also features a song called “Air on the G String” by Bach and I giggle like a toddler every time I see the track name pop up in the corner.



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This groove is unreal right now.

The album is outstanding. It’s a tossup between this and Omnichord Real Book.

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It bends my brain that this soundtrack is thirty actual years old. I ripped it from the PS1 version back in the day, and still listen to it regularly in the car.

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