What are your favorite combinations for case and keycaps colors?

What do you think are the best color combos, like for cases and keycaps? Like do some people enjoy black cases over red cases? What keycaps would you put on that board? Show them off!


I usually go for black or silver cases. If clear polycarbonate is an option, that’s also a good choice. You won’t ever have a problem finding keycaps for those colors.

But my favorite color for a case is IBM beige.


Owned numerous GMK sets and unique case colors over the years, but nothing has beaten a simple white case with dark pbt blanks for me.


Variety is the spice of life, but if you told me I absolutely had to choose, give me a black case and Dolch keycaps with a couple of red accents.


If I had to be pressed on favorites (I swap caps like crazy on my boards LOL!) right now I’d go with JTK Griseann on my black 8XV3.0 with all brass accents. Just has a really classy look to it. Then GMK Dolch R5 with Dark RGB mods on my burgundy Dolphin or bordeaux XOX70 looks great (GMK WoB Red Cyrillic slaps on those too). My champagne beige TKL One & Sand Aaru TKL both look great with DCS Alchemy & beige sets of any type really. I could name many more, but those have been my favs lately!


I tend to go for…

  • Blacks and neutral greys with small, bright accents of color - I’m an artist please tell me I’m cool

  • Beige + Brown + Burnt Orange - I can almost smell the cigarette burns

  • Cyan + Magenta + Yellow + Key (black) - I work in the printing industry

  • Pretty much any variety of purple, and anything adjacent to purple like maroon or burgundy - IDK I just really like it


Purple!!! :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple



I like combining cream (warm, off-white) keycaps with wooden cases