What are your irrational keyboard habits?

I was thinking about how crazy some of my keyboard habits are. Here are the most irrational things that I do.

  • Unused parts drive me nuts. I will order a whole PCB and case just to use up the spare Pro Micro in my drawer. (I can live with unused diodes… for now).
  • Related to the above, I hate selling just parts I prefer to sell complete keyboards. So I will build a keyboard just to get rid of spare parts that I have laying around.
  • I buy more keycap sets than I have boards for.
  • It then bothers me that I have unused keycap sets.

What a crazy hobby!


I hear you on the spare parts. I have to at least have a plan for them. Even if it’s years in the making. My mind requires this.


I’ll mix up springs in one container. Yea I’ll figure it out later. These feel like 55s and these are 67s, and these 68s look shinier than the rest. Nope, I’ll never figure these out.


Does my shelf of switch jars count?

I have way too many gray keysets. Just kidding - there are plenty of shades left!

This one might be normal; I don’t mind lubing switches but I really don’t like lubing stabs for some reason.


Same here with the unused parts. I’m trying to desperately find uses for previously tried and already “rejected” switches (that no one will want to buy, or so I tell myself).

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I’m the opposite. I try to keep stock of the most commonly needed components, such as diodes, pro micros, microswitches, etc., and I feel bad when any of them run out — what if I have a sudden idea for a project? I’m sad that the keyboard switches are a little bit too expensive for me to keep a stock.


Same. I’ll check a shop’s supply before checkout, and if they have Elite-Cs I’ll order a few just to hang onto!

Logically it does seem more economical for some things. I have 1000 Mill Max 0305 sockets from Mouser sitting in my drawer just for that reason!

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So basically we’re all shopaholics


Well our most common irrational habit is buying one more keyboard, so…


Telling my wallet it’s the last one I swear.


This is a little embarrassing, but almost every time I use my board I test each key for excess wobble and if one sounds even slightly off than the rest, in the trash it goes. Idk, wobble has a cheap plastic clack virbiration I just can’t seem to tune out.


I only use my left thumb for spacebar, and right shift is essentially a nonexistant key for me. Although in my defense, it physically hurts to contort my hand to press R_shift with my pinky.


Left thumb spacebar person here too although I do use both shift keys.

Strangely enough, I used to be a right-thumber but then for some reason I decided to switch. It’s been so long I can’t remember the reason but now it’s so engrained in my brain I’m not sure I could switch back.

video games?

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But where do you put FN? To the right of right shift is even farther!

Man I feel that, I have been losing my mind on what to do with an extra pcb and plate. I’ve been looking for a cheap case but none seems to be a good choice. So I guess Im going to buy more switches and just interchange my current keyboard parts and see if i care for the changes lmao

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Right of right shift, but when I’m pressing fn, my hand leaves the home row. If you’re pressing shift, the assumption is your hand should stay on the home row while shift is held

How do you people manage a capital Q at any speed? Surely I’m not the only one who uses the shift that is on the opposite hand of the one typing the character, right?


Yes I think a typing video is in order.

I’d imagine you just push Q with your middle finger or something while you use little finger on shift (right shift only user over here)

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