What are your number 1 tips for anyone learning to type faster?

Discussion about tips for learning to type better!

(I went from 55 to 70-80 in a week or two from touch typing already)

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Accuracy! Accuracy is more important than moving your fingers faster when you’re working on getting past that 100WPM mark :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t try to move your fingers faster than they’re currently going unless you have at least a 90% accuracy. If your current typing accuracy is lower, you should slow down and work on accuracy before moving your fingers faster. You might even improve your WPM moving slightly slower for that accuracy bump.


I got better at typing fast due to AIM/MSN messenger. Soooo… :man_shrugging:

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play typeracer :))))

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I can recommend keybr.com :slight_smile:


Try using the right fingers for each key. You might be slower at first but it will help in the long run!


I never pass the Q on keybr.com :stuck_out_tongue: in Dutch we -rarely- use it, that letter is just hell.

I’m from the old school of typing techniques, where we practiced on mechanical typewriter not keyboard, where 200 cpm = 40 wpm and 99.5% accuracy is the norm. But I think typing lessons those days are still valid today: don’t try to be faster unless you can type accurately.