What custom springs feel similar to Gateron Yellow springs? SPRiT SLOW EX, TX.. Others?

I have been meaning to spring swap my Silent Alpacas but i don’t want to harvest my Gateron Yellows or just buy a whole batch of
Yellows (can hardly find the milky ones nowadays too) and be left with the stems and housing.

The research i did pointed to SPRiT springs, the MX SLOW EXTREME ones;

I read that a lot of people point to the 60 S SLOW Extreme but some people say that the spring is way lighter and different than Gateron Yellows;

I was also suggested the 63.5 SLOW Extreme and just when i went to buy it i saw there is a second version, the 63.5 SLOW Extreme II

There is also the new, rebranded TX 16mm springs

i must admit i am bit lost :grinning:


The 60g Slows feel pretty close to me, they’re just a little lighter - Gat Yellow springs feel like regular 67-70g springs in total force and the 60g Spirits are about 65g. They’re definitely heavier than Alpalca springs.
But yeah impressions for the 60g slows are all over the place, I might have been lucky with mine.

In case anyone is still looking…This graph from here suggests Spirit Slow I 63.5g is the closest slow spring to Gat yellow stock spring.