What did you get in the mail today? (Part 1)

Hmm those switches are interesting, do they have factory lube? and how is their off center press? their description says they have 3.7 travel, do they bottom out on the pole?

I’ve also noticed they have notches on the stems, similar to MX Clear, did you notice any issue with keycaps?

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They are so similar in pressure and sound and spring weight to bow wukues. That I just changed the spring of ginger, to spirit 67 slow. So at least two switches))

They do have some factory lube - seems light but they are nice and smooth. If they’re anything like the Semi-silents they resemble, they should be great about off-center presses - I’ll be mounting them in a board for testing tonight and I’ll update this post if that doesn’t bear-out. (Edit: yep, just confirming they retain smoothness with extreme-angle presses.) I believe they do indeed bottom-out on the pole, but thanks to the shroud walls and good tolerance, they don’t have much in the way of bottom-wobble.

I didn’t notice any issues with the Semi-silents in terms of those stem notches, but I’ll add these to the test group for the Geon Trimmer review I’m working on - I’m documenting how a variety of switches affect cheap polycarb cap stems in their stock vs trimmed forms.

Side note , speaking of MX Clears - in my testing so far, the Cherry Ergo Clear has had the most tenacious grip on caps by a wide margin - but has caused noticeably less stress on the stems than early stem-breaker BOX switches.


Linux keyboard??

I hadn’t heard of this one. In my formative year Gentoo was sorta the Arch linux of its day (I was never able to successfully install it on the janky computers I had at the time) and it’s been a while since I heard the word Gentoo.

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More of a clever play on words than a Linux keyboard :slight_smile:

From the Designer, Abec13:

"The Gentoo is a penguin themed, 65% keyboard that is a clear successor to my previously released board, The Adélie. With The Adelie paying homage to my favorite types of boards, sub 60’s, it excluded the number row. For some, this was a deal breaker and I can’t say that I blame them.

“Gentoo” is the name of a different species of penguin and as the name of this board works two fold: not only is this board the “Gen 2” of its predecessor, the Gentoo penguin, as you can see here, is a slightly larger penguin than the Adélie which I find aptly describes the relation between this board and the last."

Build process was fine except the plate foam was in serious need of cuts. It wasn’t shaped adequately around any of the stabilizers and the space bar section didn’t have any room for a stabilizer bar. Nothing some scissors couldn’t fix. Have to experiment with some different keycaps to find a good match.

Perhaps GMK Arch :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s this one - a very different approach, but not in a totally separate universe when it comes to form-factor:

More in the realm of “specialized commercial” than “custom”, this keeb originated more from the depths of the Linux community than any sphere of keyboard enthusiasts - and how much one likes this keeb will depend a lot on their priorities.

There’s an old thread here about it that got a little spicy (a pretty rare thing 'round these parts), but from a distance I think it makes for an interesting ponder on different needs, use-cases, and priorities of keyboard buyers, designers, and manufacturers.


Oh boy, I remember that thread. I don’t want to open that old wound


Looks great with Birch!

Finally, a box in the form of a switch arrived.
After so many weeks of waiting.


Another friend of mine bought Zeal switches himself for the collection. We met and exchanged.
So that I have the same in my collection.

**A lot of photos under the spoiler.



  • A stud-finder because it’s time to hang some shelves

  • SWK Yin tactiles - I’ve seen these under various regional brands, so I’m just using the manufacturer when talking about them. They’re kinda weird!


They have finally arrived, after traveling around the globe. I think they went from china to korea to japan to philippines to australia, just to then notice that it was meant to go to austria and not australia. then it went to france and finally to austria. i wish i could be traveling like this, lol.
To the switches, though : they are, or were, called “weipeng nature colored” when i placed my factory order, but now they also go by “keygeek raw” on geons website. Top housing is made of Nylon + Uhmwpe, bottom housing is made of Uhmwpe and “Si” and the stem is “blended POM”.
They are surprisingly smooth and have very little stem or housing wobble. Very smooth even, seeing as how the only place where they have lube seems to be on the legs, yet they are still on par or above JWK level smoothness.


It’s not every day I get my hands on an original bag of Stealios linears from back in the day. Couldn’t help but photograph the PCB mounting ring in all its glory - one of the original telltale signs of a fake!


I am pretty new here and don’t get around much, but if you’re keeping track of those measurements somewhere and/or your collection I’d love to see the sheets!


Black Lotus. Packaged like trash. Its light tube needs to be removed before the switch will open. Loud and clacky. Noticeably wobbly due to its nipple-like stem tip. It’s dang smooth at least.


I didn’t have to pull apart the diffuser to take mine apart, but I have a switch opener that works more like a press and just applies pressure to the hosing at the latches.
I will agree that they are very smooth, and look great on a board with RGB :heart_eyes: :+1:

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I’ve been on a bit of a 60% kick lately…

Vertex Arc60


Mine came today as well, and I have to agree - really not enough protection, no box or even padding, just a bag. Not even a packing slip. :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, off topic. BUT))




That’s crappy. Hopefully not too many bent pins. Mine were in a box :package:

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