What did you get in the mail today? (Part 1)

What did you get in the mail today? :mailbox_with_mail:


My E6 was delivered to a friend in San Fran, and at home my spare CA66 PCB, and a new Laserboost plate for my next alps build - plenty more coming in the next couple of weeks!

Got some diodes and 2222 NPN transistors :sunglasses:

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Not today, but I have a brand new laptop and DSA Drifter coming in tomorrow!!


A bill for going over a bridge where the “administration fee” was 2.4x the cost of the fee… :frowning:


Yesterday I got the red TX65 and a black TX84SE, the SP SA Honeywell from Oco, and the Glimey DSA caps from MD.

GMK stabs

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Today I received disappointment.



I got three 19oz bottles of 99% alcohol.Yay amazon?

It was a good day for mail! Now if only my zealios would arrive so I could assemble it…


Order of controllers for ScrabblePad GB. Didn’t know they all came in their own little cases with little cables, so that’s neat and a good way to make sure they don’t get damaged in shipping.

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Got the anidees with white low profile Kailhs today.

I’ve been wanting to try low profile switches for a while to see if they were worth making a travel board with, and figured for 50 bucks on amazon, I couldn’t go wrong with buying the board and using it as a glorified switch tester.

This particular board is a little interesting but I’m liking the low profiles more than I thought I would.


Could you take a picture of the stabs and how they connect to the board and keycaps? Kind of interested, as I don’t think they are using the same method as my Havit board. Also, how do you like the switches?

The white switches feel like a cross between Cherry blue and clear, which is fine with me as I have several boards with those.

Yea the havit version only uses stabs on the spacebar, all of the other switches are stabilized with only a wire connected to the switch housing.

I really like the sharpness of the bump on these low profiles, since its linear until you hit the clickbar.



Tribosys 3204


This is a big box of Top Clack 2 year anniversary prizes for the big raffle!


White blank DSA caps and some 67g Zealios. Gonna be building a macropad this weekend now!