What did you get in the mail today? (Part 2)

Today I got some unlubed gateron Deepping switches as well as some Tecsee honeydew.

The Honeydew switch is remarkably similar to a gateron yellow. In fact, once I lubed it, I couldn’t tell a difference. Spring, wobble, sound and all. Just like a gateron switch.

These may be a good frankenswitch housing. They come unlubed and the housing feels extremely slick and smooth.


A big mail day today, 2 boards from @Blindassassin111, both are going to be EC builds hehe


Nice I didnt know Viktus & BA did an Alice! Probably would’ve jumped on one if I had. Tgey both look awesome man, cant wait to see them built up!

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Mail day is best day. Looks fun. Excited for you

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iirc BA meant for this to be a private buy initially but then sufficient demand changed his mind to make it public later on :grin:

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Got my alum half plate & solder PCB for my XOX70 in from NK today! Not 100% sure how I want to build it yet though. I was gonna go with either the HMX Canglan V2s or Gateron Type Ls I got, but now that I have some Gat Deeppings on the way I might wait to use those… :thinking:


Got the three packs of Gateron Smoothies I ordered in from Novelkeys. No idea what I’m going to do with them yet, but heard good things and the sale price wasn’t bad, so pulled the trigger on them.


Smoothies are my new go-to switch!!

Also, HMX has been crankin’ out some winners as well. Their Milky Whites are also another knockout cheap switch (if you can find them in-stock)!


Smoothies are super good! They’re actually the first switch I’ve ever used stock on a soldered build in the 8 years I’ve been in the hobby. Then im also a huge fan of HMX switches. I love that they’re trying all kinds of different plastic blends that have never been used for switches. A lot of HMX switches could probably be used stock too.


Smoothies are all POM and instantly reminded me of the TofuTypes x KNC linears that I have in m Neo80. The Tofus I went through and hand lubed, but the Gateron Smooties were well lubed from the factory.

I have about a half dozen different HMX switches and the factory lubing on them is as good as, if not better than BSUN and Aflions. Factory lubed switches have come a long way in the past couple of years and you’d be hard-pressed to not find a great switch from any of these manus latest offerings. :+1::+1:


Got my Deeppings in today, went with the full travel (4.0mm) ones. I got mine unlubed so I really don’t have an opinion on feel just yet, but they are pretty cool switches. The little rubber mouldings really do almost work as switch film. I was using one to try out different springs & even after being opened 5 or 6 times, the housings still had a pretty tight fit. Gonna lube a few tonight, while they are fairly basic (nylon housings & POM stem) I can see these being very nice once worked on!


One thing I notice about them is the full bottom out feeling. Similar to the lunar probe switch, it’s a very firm feeling at the bottom. This in contrast to the clacky and sharper feel of something like a long pole stem.


Nice, that is one of the reasons I went with the full travel version. I’m hoping for a more full feel & sound with these. I’m actually hoping they end up like a better new nixie TBH, not sure how close they’ll land to that though. Also thinking I might be better off using these with a full plate due to the little pads also cushioning them against the plate. Might re do my TKL One with these & use something else for my XOX70… :thinking:


I got a GMK67 and some MOA keycaps in from Aliexpress today. I’m building a board for a school auction (doing a themed mouse, keyboard, deskpad, etc basket).

I was pretty damn impressed with the GMK67 considering it was $35. I was going to replace the stabs but then realized I didn’t have any plate-mounts and luckily the stock ones are fine. It honestly sounds pretty good.

I think I’ve said this before but I would have saved lots of money if options like this were available when I first got into keyboards


Had a super nice resin haul this week!


I also bought them to replace the springs when they were discussing the possibility of buying “Geon” springs)
I bought the previous MX2As in November last year, on Taobao, as soon as they appeared there.
Therefore, there is a difference between those old ones and these new ones. It feels like the mold press form is deteriorating. The new ones have a little more wobble. There is no difference in pressure or sound between them. But maybe in the future in the summer or fall they will become even worse.


And I bought 20 more of these too. To previously purchased ones.

Previously in the previous episode.

And the pangu stabilizers, finally they were able to escape from the hell of the delivery service))

Kailh Sword GM X

I liked them so much that I bought 5 more pieces in reserve.

Gateron UHMknown Linear Switches


A friend gave me 1 piece for my collection.
Previously I did not consider this model worthwhile.
But this one thing as a gift made me change my mind.
I bought a pack of 70 pieces. To feel better)

Emogogo X switch


  • POM housings
  • POM stem
  • Linear switch
  • Trigger strength 40g
  • Bottom strength 45g
  • Total travel 3.6mm
  • about 18mm 2-stage spring
  • Factory lubed


Got my HMX EVA & Duhuk Lumia Matcha V4 switches in from Unikeys today! Just got to test them out in hand but both seem as advertised. The Matchas are some super smooth switches, also my batch doesn’t have terrible stem wobble. It isn’t the best & I’d probably rank it below average comparing it to some of the super tight switches we have nowadays, but I have seen much worse from much bigger manufacturers. The EVAs feel wise are you average reduced travel long pole HMX switch, but the materials used definitely give it a deeper sound. Even deeper than V2 Canglans when compared side by side! Not sure what I’ll use them for yet, but now that I have the Matchas in hand I think I’m gonna build up my solder PCB/half plate setup for my XOX70 with these! @pixelpusher I’ll let you know what I think of them once I get that built in a little bit here


You know, it makes you think. That the product that the Chinese made in China is bad, but the same product but if they sell it in the USA, it is good. :sweat_smile:

Since the reviews that I read on Chinese social networks about Matcha V4 Pro, they criticize the wobbly stem. And they want to either return them or sell them.
Of course I bought it as a collection.
But I had such more hope. I was so hoping that this switch would be so good, so good. And he is a disappointment in 2023.((


It does kinda make you wonder for sure. Although they may have made some changes after hearing the negative feedback from the eastern sales. Again the stem is fairly wobbly even on mine, I would consider it below average for sure, just not so bad I wouldn’t consider using the switches. Gonna build my solder setup for my XOX70 with them here in a few mins. I’ll report back on how the wobble seems once I got them in a board.

A cheap pizza toaster! Why am I telling you this? Because it’s not for food, of course.

I intend to use this for finish curing. It has the right temperature range, and is inexpensive enough that if things don’t work out it’s no big deal. My first experiment will be with some spray enamel that cures at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours.

I have a pink anodized case I’ll be refinishing with white engine enamel - could be a disaster, could save me fifty bucks vs powder coating. Either way, I’ll show you what happens. :smile:


Yay, it works.

To be clear - I’m testing this in my kitchen, but will be curing the enamel outside.