What did you get in the mail today?


Why should a macropad be instead working as a converter? Vastly different use cases


The issue with that is that it’s basically not possible. There would have to be both another chip and another USB port, and it’s hard to do that AND get a design to look as clean as it does, both inside and out.


Got /dev/tty yesterday, put it on my K-Type to put it through a day of work and see how I feel about the profile!


Got a lil care package from Japan featuring some really awesome caps :grinning:


GMK Monochrome. My first GMK set, and it looks fantastic. IDK how well it goes with the TKC here, but I had to get it on what I was driving when it arrived.


Blue alphas arrived before everything else


Damn, how does that even happen. All the caps I’ve gotten from massdrop come in one box.


Qlavier lube station


2 100x bags of Gsus from SuperVan and 30W desoldering-pump from Amazon.

Cameo appearances by KiiOpener, Halo and MX Clear stems.


Sweet caps! Although as a huge Metal gear fan the Calorie Mate’s almost interest me more LOL! I think I had heard you can get them before, but forgot about it. Think I need to get me some of them for my video game paraphernalia collection!


Yeah that is kinda weird. I just the base kit & space bars kit for Space Cadet, but they both came in the same box?


If you do decide to grab some get the chocolate ones, the rest have an awful mouth feel to them. Also the maple ones ARE NOT MAPLE SYRUP FLAVORED. Do not make the same mistakes I did. :joy:


Singa R1 w/ Lubed Zealios 67g :smiley:


Just got in the new 68g springs for the ZealV2s in my F62PE! So excited, as I am so close to my endgame.


Managed to get one of the R2 Canoe extras. Showed up a couple days ago and I finished building it last night :slight_smile:

205g0 gat yellows with healios on the stab keys.


I desoldered the whole board. No issues. It took a few tries before I got the technique going :slight_smile:
Yes it does drop/spill a little bit. But it was tiny fragments and didn’t injure/melt or leave marks on anything. Only happened 3-4 times.

Very time effective! Will use it again.


R1 or R2 zealios? I love the nature shot :slight_smile:


TKC1800, Yellow Jacket, Red anodized plate. Slightly disappointed though, as there’s a couple of defects in the paint and one of the plastic standoffs inside the case is broken off. Still, looking forward to building it. Going with 67g zilent v2s and DSA Drifter I think.


Do you have any pictures of the paint defects? Curious to see how they’d turn out


It’s not super bad or anything, but I can see them so it bothers me, lol. This is what it looks like. I’ve found a couple of these so far.