What did you get in the mail today?


Very nice! Just be careful not to bend any leaves storing those taken apart, like that.


Couple of coily bois and some acrylic.




What kind of bin is that? Seems like the perfect size for components


I think it was marketed as a bead/craft bin that I found at Michaels. It’s nice cause you can change the compartments depending on how much space you need!



Woah, I like the wrinkle finish on the backplate.


The wrinke is the reflection from the table actually



Oh wow haha. I thought maybe you had it done custom!


Finally got my OG Cherry Doubleshots


Received these:

  • KBDFans T1 (Holy Wei)
  • Novelkeys Yok Red Pandas
  • KAT Alpha Keycap Set


Did you order yours from zFrontier or Kono?


I assume you’re talking about the KAT Alpha’s? I got them from mykeyboard.eu


Yep the KATs.

I see. Not aware of all the different proxies available for the set haha. I have yet to receive a shipping notification from Kono store even though the stock arrived at their warehouse six days ago and here I see people receiving theirs already :persevere:


Is this a common issue with Kono? I saw people getting tracking info for GMK Monochrome back on 1/10 and only just got my own tracking yesterday. I think it might have been the issues with the RAMA novelty caps, but it still makes me anxious when they say they’re shipping and it’s weeks before you actually get it. I’ve been spoiled by Prime shipping!


Finally completed my oblivion set!



Techincally I got it 2 days ago but wanted to share anyway


Some Rama caps!