What did you get in the mail today?


ePBT Grayscale with accent kits


New Solder Cleaner, TS100 And trying out new lube, Christo 129.


Got another addition to my clear collection today!


My Lubing Adventure Kit arrived, ordered from StoreUni on Feb. 23rd so took a little over 3 weeks from Malaysia. From top clock-wise: VPF 1514, GPL 105, 104, 103, 204g0, 205g0, and 203g0.

I opened only 205g0 so far to lube awaiting stabs. It was split but took only a minute of mixing to restore the lube to what I expected it to look like. Going to lube the stabs with it as is then try them on some switches to see if they can be used as is or need to be diluted w/105.

UPDATE: Turns out, I didn’t have any trouble lubing tactile switches (Holy Panda) with 205g0. Definitely more buttery but also less tactile, subdued if you will. Going to try diluting later to see if I can find a sweet-spot if one exists.

UPDATE2: Forgot to mention how 205g0 feels on stabs. It feels fantastic. While the subdued feel I mentioned above is not great for tactile switches, it feels and sounds great for stabs. YMMV of course. :-^^


Do you have any khail speed golds around that you jailhoused? Can you tell me how to lube them dear lube jesus


Do you have any khail speed golds around that you jailhoused?

Nope. I never tried Kailh speed switches.

Can you tell me how to lube them dear lube jesus?

There are plenty of guides around already.
You can lube Holy Panda like other tactile switches.


The thing is im not sure whether i should follow tactile switch lubing instructions or clicky switch ones


Fei Switches and Christo-Lube! Excited to try out the lube, and considering what to put the switches in :thinking:Maybe I should try the lube with the new switches


Isn’t Kailh Speed Gold a clicky switch? I’d try no lube first then lube one switch using clicky switch guide (if there is such a thing) then swing the rest.


Got 8 sets of zeal stabilizers (4x)6.25u, (4x)7u. Too bad I’ve got more than 8 boards to build!


That must have cost a fortune!


Yeah, it’s crazy to have to pay more for stabilizers than a full custom kit. But man, you just can’t beat lubed zeals for stabilizers. I can get GMK to be close, but they still sometimes develop noise over time.


How do they differ from EnjoyPBT stabs? I thought two were same or similar. Guess not.


I’m not sure that I have tried the same as KBDfans ones, but I had a clear set a while back that I believe was the same manufacturer. They were fairly rattley and big. I had a hard time fitting the housings through the plate I was using. They might be better now but I haven’t tried them since I started using zeal’s.


Lt. Data inspecting his curious new LCARS input device

(Board is @westfoxtrot Cypher with PC and Alu plates)


Holy Panda T-Shirt… Gotta love that packaging from TheKey.co :slight_smile:


Got an ALPS64 PCB & AEK layout FR4 ALPS plate from Hasu. Not 100% sure what I’m gonna do with it yet, pretty much got it for back up in case the plan I have for my XD60 v3 PCB doesn’t pan out. Also you can never have enough ALPS parts IMHO, LOL! :metal:


Cherry OG dye-subs with UK layout:


Give it to me please :smile:


It’s posted on r/mechmarket a long times. Nobody interested UK layout until I take it.