What did you get in the mail today?


Got 2 GMK screw in 7u spacebar stabilizers & a tub of Christo-Lube MCG129 from NovelKeys. I do gotta say these containers Mike is using for lube are awesome! They are nice enough to keep & reuse IMHO. Gonna lube a few loose switches with the MCG129 later on, I’ll be sure to report back about how it goes! :metal:

Edit: I put up a mini review of the Christo-Lube MCG129 on this thread if anyone is interested.


Epbt Grayscale Base & International kits


Got me some Box Pinks today :slight_smile:


Upgraded from my 980ti to a 1080ti since I’m planning on getting a high refresh rate 1440p monitor soon & got my first Orochi! Although the Orochi was kinda a bust as the stem on it is so tight it will not fit on to any switches. :cry:

Is this normal with Keyforge caps? I got it second hand so I’m kinda stuck with it anyways. I can’t really get mad at the seller since there is technically nothing wrong with the cap. Kinda crappy if they knew about it & didn’t tell me, but it is what it is at this point… :confounded:


I have this same cap and mine was also very difficult to get onto a switch at first. Too tight in my opinion. Once I put it on and off a few times it wasn’t so bad. I’d recommend a switch or board that’s not so important to you first.


Yeah, I had the same experience. Then I had issues with it sliding off of the yok pandas that I had. (they were the stock stem).

Ended up being the switch itself that was loose, somehow. I’ve got it on some vintage blacks right now, and it is :ok_hand:


Cool, at least knowing this common with these caps makes me feel a bit better. Although I don’t know if I’ll ever get any use out of this one. I can’t get it started even on switches with smaller stems like TTC or Greetech. I’m 99% sure the stem will shatter if I force it, LOL. :worried: Kinda a shame as I got it to go with GMK Jamon & I think it’ll match that set nicely. I guess I could always shave the cruciform mount down on a switch to get it to fit if I really want to use it.


Some parts for a project I’ve been working on


Got a SGI AT-101 in! Huge shout out to @clee for letting this bad boy go to me. :metal:


What a lovely board! I feel kinda bad that my case is just sitting on the side now since I only got that board to harvest those absolutely wonderful keycaps. Are you planning on doing a full rebuild of the board? Or just cleaning it and rolling with the dampened alps? Or… will you harvest those A+ keycaps? :thinking:


Thanks! They are beautiful boards, but I grabbed it mostly for the keycaps. I want to do that WKL layout with a split backspace for my ADK64 build. Although I will be cleaning it up, keeping the damped whites in it, & tossing the keycaps from my Dell AT101W on it for now so it is still usable. Then hopefully I can find another SGI AT101 later down the line cause I would like to have one in it’s stock form just for my collection. This one though I can’t pass up putting these awesome caps on a custom ALPS build, LOL!


You could try heating it up… not sure what kind of plastic it is, but a heat gun or just placing the switch stem-down on a 3D printer heating bed set to, I dunno, 60C-70C? You want to get it hot enough that it’s malleable, but not so hot that it starts melting.

Maybe not a great idea depending on how much the switch cost…

Those keycaps are straight up :fire:, aren’t they? I was amazed at the condition they were in—that board felt like it’d never been used.

I almost forgot I even owned that board until I saw @Rob27shred’s thread about his Alps dilemma. I realized a while ago that I just don’t like any of the Alps switches I’ve tried, at least not enough to deal with them; I’ve had horrible luck desoldering and re-soldering those little jerks. Since he loves Alps so much, I figured I’d ask if he wanted to take the SGI board off my hands, and now it’s his :slight_smile:


My Keyforge blind bag and tokkipee pastel blue blank came in the mail today. I also got tokkipee’s pins as an add-on and have included one on my meetup bag :grinning:


KF Purge Bag. Very happy with my first KF artisan!


GMK screw in stabs


200x 78g Catweewee springs, and the gentleman even included some spare switch films! Really excited to put these in as I’ve heard a lot of good things about them.


CMYK from GMK :smile:


Linjars :yum:


ALF X1.1


MicroMesh cushioned abrasive pads:

They’ll be used to even out wear on ABS sets like the Nautilus keyset in the picture.