What did you get in the mail today?


Here we go!


70xTrash Pandas
2x wise_star Roshamboba keycaps




Got this bad boy in today, it’s my first vintage board besides my model M, I still need to figure out what I’m going to do with it, but boy does it feel nice.


Joining the CA66 club.
Board looks pretty good.


Some RGB modifiers from GeekKeys (Lucky me) :blush:


SA Vilebloom finally arrived.

On a KBD66 with Gateron Yellows at the moment.


Came in the mail and now getting a cerakote paint job. Looking forward to building it up next week!


My SA Vilebloom was sent to my last address, which is located 1000+ kilometers away from where I live nowadays. Luckily I was visiting friends and family and managed to collect the set during the weekend.

This is my first SA set and I really like it!


SA Kobayashi finally came it!

Also got some colored chips in from SP.


Got mine as well, although I just got the alphas. Since I was just going to fill a small board (Minila Air) I couldn’t justify another $130 for the modifiers just for 9 or 10 keys. I thought I would either substitute keys from another set or try and pick up what I’m missing individually. So if you want to sell some extras you might not be using, let me know.


Post some pics of this on a board when you can please, it would be greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face: I was pretty interested in this set, but just couldn’t swing the extra loot when it’s GB was running. Trying to figure out if this is a set I’d want to hunt down second hand or not & you’re the first person I’ve post they got it.


Here is Kobayashi without the modifiers (using substituted keys from SA Amber Screen).


Awesome thank you! :smiley: Looks pretty good with those mods TBH!


I think NK has some extra sets to sell. I’ll post some pics soon


That’s right. I had forgotten how expensive this set was. I try to keep my sets whole in case I ever resell them.


Acrylic and wood pieces for a mini-buy with friends. Already spent a good amount of time playing with wood finishes before taking a photo.


Finally upgraded from my Logitech G810 that was absolutely busted up.
My AKKO x Ducky TKL board came in today :slight_smile: I got it on a newegg sale and worked perfectly because I had just ordered my DSA Scientific set a few weeks earlier.

I gotta learn how to take better pics :sweat_smile:


GMK Jamon! :yum:

Huge thanks to @Zambumon for dreaming this up! I think this gonna be one of my all time favorite GMK sets! :sunglasses:


Jealous! Mine’s not coming until Monday.