What did you get in the mail today?

Yep! Antipode works with AKB, FLX, Tom Works, and Nix Studio, officially but they have a relationship with many other creators.

So far I’ve been very pleased with my Lilith and Aalto purchases. I also have an OGR from AKB, but I think that was before they partnered with Antipode. All high quality manufacturing and QC, well packaged, and quick shipping. Plus, they look cool :sunglasses:


More resin, this one is so damn good!


Some low-profile keycap samples. THT low-pro caps are a new product family by Tai-Hao, not sure if they are available anywhere yet.

I was pleasantly surprised that they come in multiple colors. The 18pcs packaging is a bit odd though.

Btw, it looks like these are double-shot, even though this first stage caps are blanks. ABS and PBT variants, with Choc or MX stems!

Being 18.1x18.1mm, these are for MX spacing only, they don’t fit a lot of splits with Choc or CFX spacing. Or e.g. this Glove80 with keywell (that’s why the checkerboard pattern):

There’s not enough space for full THT, but I’m typing this on this mixed setup so it works this way. :rofl:

(For comparison: top row is CFX, the tomato ones are MBK Cherokees, and the light blue is the new THT.)


FBB F1 r2. Sadly r1 sold out way too quickly, but i managed to get some r2. POM stem, PC top, Nylon bottom combo as usual, but they are very smooth and stable. Similar to my KTT Darling, but a little smoother with less wobble and the sound is overall a little deeper, that could be because of the factory lube.
Also a batch of Vintage switches from taobao. Quite a broad selection, and i have another batch coming from them. Some of them require some more cleaning internally but i didn’t want to risk breaking them.


The resin continues to flow my way! Got my New Year Quake cap I won in Latrialum’s giveaway today! Gotta say she definitely has the dopest packaging out of all the artisan makers right now IMO.


KKB Signet - it’s everything I’d hoped, which means my phone camera has no chance of representing it accurately. High-vis safety orange in wet concrete, pretty much.

My first KKB set, and it’s making a great impression so far. The official photos capture it better than I could, but still don’t quite do that orange justice:

Gonna put it on my Copper Slag Salvation. :3


Nice. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pick up extras but I think I will. Novelkeys does a great job with keycap photography, from what I have seen in the past. I wish every vendor would realize how important it is to show the actual keycap sets once they are in-stock and not just renders.


Right! I was very impressed with the WoB KKB set I got from Novelkeys. With KKB & DCX around GMK better step up their game!

Pics when you get it on there please! Sounds like a great combo!

I agree 100% on both points. NK does do a great job of getting accurate pics up on their site of the actual caps. I get using renders during the GB, but IMO as soon as a vendor or designer has samples they OK for production they should put pics of them up for potential buyers to see.


Got my sets of Knight stabilizers & packs of Geon switch films in from KNC keys! Have to get them on a board to test them out yet, but the Knight stabs seem to be on point. The wires are nice & straight, the packaging is pretty nice, & they also provide shims for use with 1.2mm PCBs! Hopefully they come out with these in a clip in variant, cause if they perform as good or better than TX these will be my new go to stabs. Also the artwork on the packaging is great, I think anyone who has built more than a few keyboards can totally relate to it LOL!


My new akko:)


I’m really bad at posting things when I actually get them. As well as actually taking photos.

TKD Cycle7 arrived the other day.


Another batch of vintage switches. Some interesting, and some more usual switches included.
Also a small batch of Weikav Linglan and a full Set of Feker Lime. Both POM housing LY stems. Both made by BSUN and both very similar themes and spring weights. Overall they are almost the same. Maybe the weikav have just a little more stem wobble, both they are both very good.


Matrix badges. Hard to see the nifty finish on the rectangle. I held up a black background on the second shot to show it better


ouuu is that finish suppose to look something like a marble countertop

I got a CSTM80 in the mail today from dorp as a gift for my wife using the $100 credit I got from the keyboard club…. Was super happy to give it to her and then I realize there are only three of the four parts in the box. Apparently the top won’t ship until May, which means it probably won’t get here until April. My fault for using drop.


I believe that’s called a 75% board.


I cannot say why but that amuses me. More deeply than it should. Well played.


Delivery from DORP

CRP Black on Black

Compared to CRP R4

Compare to HHKB charcoal blank

I was hoping CRP would be a little darker

On my Matrix 8xv 3.0

Unfortunately CRP does not make the Matrix sound better :melting_face:

Still it is a cool keyset. Hopefully in the future CRP can user darker molds.


Which top did you order?

I got this in the mail relatively, sorta recently, but I’m posting because I just realized that one of my R4 profile keys (purple 1U PGDN) is actually R2 in error (all the way on the right). NovelKeys was great helping of course, but it was just a good reminder to me to check my kits as soon as I get them!