What did you learn today?

Pretty much exactly that. I managed to get QMK running without too much pain (though I stumbled over some hurdles getting it working well with github integration). Some sense of accomplishment, but the siren song of VIA was too great.

After running VIAL, I never want to use anything else. All of the features of QMK with zero of the headaches of keeping QMK happy and coding out tedious matrices.

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I like VIAL as well but I opened it the other day and noticed that there was no key-tester. Am I crazy or did that use to exist? I see a “Layout” tab but I doesn’t seem to be a test page, just a way to set your layout for the configurator.

I’m on 0.7.1 fwiw.

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Vial 0.7.1 gives me an error on Windows 11 and show an empty window but the web version works for me and it has a tab called Matrix tester

Edit: Nvm, the error only happened because I had already given the web vial access to the keyboard, works after closing the tab

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Honestly I’ve been stuck on using kilmat sound dampener then PE foam and tape mod……it’s so much more of a fuller sound and just amplifies the sound of the switch and takes out the variables of the board itself. Which personally makes metal boards that much better. This is just my opinion tho.

How do you use kilmat? AFAIK its adhesive is much stronger than painter’s tape so removal may damage the PCB. Do they come in removable version?

I don’t use it directly into the pub I use it on the bottom of the case…there’s always a couple foam layers and tape between the pcb and kilmat. Sorry for the confusion.

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Ah. Thanks for the clarification. I use poly-fil for that. Although it doesn’t amplify sound, it does round out hash sound and fills in hollowness somewhat.

TIL: VIA has the ability to map map most QMK functions with the ANY key mapping (under SPECIAL)

e.g., I’m currently using LT(1,KC_CAPS) on my CapsLock key so it can function like the Fn key when held down and the usual CapsLock when tapped.

See Layers | QMK Firmware and Keycodes Overview | QMK Firmware

EDIT: Added example.