What did you learn today?

(Keyboard & non-keyboard related)

Today I learned that :

You can find english translations of the Neon Genesis Evangelion episode scripts here. As a massive fan of the show, this has helped work pass by more quickly :joy:

I also learned that if you want to reaffirm you distaste for serial as a port, just get yourself a texture analyzer :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastly, Cats sleep around 13-14 hours a day.


The HHKB BT’s bluetooth daughterboard uses a non-latching connector. That barely works if it’s not seated perfectly. I bought it off MM and there’s only one internal screw that it came with. So. I gotta find a way to fix that.

Yes, and they spend the remaining 10-11 hours climbing across my desk, scratching the couch, and crying for attention/treats. I wouldn’t trade them, though.