What did you learn today?

(Keyboard & non-keyboard related)

Today I learned that :

You can find english translations of the Neon Genesis Evangelion episode scripts here. As a massive fan of the show, this has helped work pass by more quickly :joy:

I also learned that if you want to reaffirm you distaste for serial as a port, just get yourself a texture analyzer :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastly, Cats sleep around 13-14 hours a day.


The HHKB BT’s bluetooth daughterboard uses a non-latching connector. That barely works if it’s not seated perfectly. I bought it off MM and there’s only one internal screw that it came with. So. I gotta find a way to fix that.

Today I learned you can linearize tactile Alps switches.

Thanks, chyrosran! I’ve only done the arrow keys so far, but I like it better than the tactile black alps feel! …and yes I’m aware that my workspace is filthy and cat hairy. I blame my coworkers :smirk_cat:


N O I C E :+1:


Linearizing some SKCM ALPS is a great way to get some super smooth linears. I did the same with a batch of pristine oranges I had in my Raven & they are sublimely smooth! I got my hands on a Zenith board with SKCL yellows & batch of loose SKCL greens that I might use the top housing of with my linearized oranges. Although I’m worried they might make them less smooth since the I think the slider can rub up against the LED cut out in SKCL top housings. I’ll report back if it doesn’t work out.


This is a great thread idea. I’m glad it got revived!


I read that in Thomas’ voice XD


Best compliment! :grin:

While discussing the benefits of PS/2 and USB C on geekhack, I learned that you can turn on your computer from the PS/2 keyboard. That is awesome.


Learned how to make quick easy renders from KLE. Great, there goes my day…

I call this one GMK Jango :smile:

Made this one too based on one of my dream layouts


THAT explains why QMK has the option. TIL, huh?

Well there’s a big back and forth on geekhack about what USB and PS/2 can do on a thread I started called “what’s so great about USB C?” A lot of good info but frankly most of it was over my head.

BUT, that’s why I love this hobby, there are always more things to learn and deeper levels to delve.


Oof that sounds like bait haha


Haha, I know. Genuinely wasn’t meant to be. Luckily the conversation wound up staying pretty civilized :grin:


Geekhack doesn’t tend to devolve into inanity, which is good. Part of the reason why i don’t tend to hang around /r/mk these days.


Learned today that

  1. Mill Max sockets (0305-2-15-80-47-80-10-0) aren’t that bad to install. Success! Actually looking forward to making the GH60 hotswappable.

  2. Engineer SS-02 is better than the regular cheapo solder sucker, but desoldering still sucks (no pun intended). Got a rip in the silicone nozzle 5 minutes in while trying to clean it :man_facepalming: like really? I also tried thicker wick this time, which helped. Still not looking forward to desoldering the stock Cherry switches in my prebuilds.

  3. Some switch contact legs don’t really fit into the sockets. I tried pushing in a Novelkeys Cream with more force and broke it. RIP. Should’ve taken a hint when the socket didn’t slip on easily (before soldering) like with the other switches.


The only good solder suckers are the ones where the nozzle gets hot enough to melt the solder. Otherwise it just not worth it and decent wick will work much much better.


Argh, I tried these exact ones and it did not end well. I don’t know what I did wrong but only half my switches ended up working, it was incredibly labor intensive and I ended up pulling everything out and soldering anyway. AND all the manhandling actually ruined some of the holes so I had to make a bunch of switch bridges to get my board working again. :man_facepalming: :confounded:

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Urgh that sounds bad. At least you got it working again! Making switch bridges is a step I’m not prepared to learn yet…

Hearing horror stories like this at least strengthens my plan to do the sockets on the GH60 (and generally make it the test board) instead of potentially ruining a perfectly fine Ducky.

Thanks for the advice! I mean about 1 out of 5 times I do get a really clean suck right away, so I still hope it’s the technique that I could try and improve…

Will certainly try using only wick the next time though. Also, might get a cheap desoldering iron (like this one) after all.