What do we know about FEKER keycaps?

Browsing Aliexpress, found these colorway clones made by FEKER, in a new profile ?

Anyone got more info on these ?


I picked up a couple of these Feker CSA sets when they first appeared. They’re basically MDA profile with more rounded corners on the tops.

I’ve attached a couple of comparison shots - grey are MDA profile, black/orange are CSA:-

They’re reasonably nicely made double-shots. They’ve got a nice finish, and have good coverage of alternate profile keys. Only 6.25 and 7u spacebars though.

But the font used is definitely not my favourite. I think the mods look especially amateurish. So I’ll probably never use these sets.

The spacebars have nice scooped-out front edges, like domikey gmk, which I love. I’m using the black 6.25u spacebar with a TaiHao cubic wob set. So for the $18 I paid, not a complete loss.