What do we know about the FEKER brand switches?

While browsing Aliexpress to buy more stuff that I don’t really need, I stumbled upon various switches made by Feker!? that seem to be clones of more popular and expensive switches.

Does anyone have any info on them ?

Feker “like” Holy Panda :

Feker liniar :

More Feker liniar :


must… resist… dadjokes…


well, I guess they didn’t learn a lesson with the fukka switches, now we gotta get the feker switch.

Interesting that they come without lube. That suggets they are marketed towards our community and not the mainstream… however they are plate mount, 3-pin.


How many different switches can I buy in the year it has taken for my Rama M60 to be delivered?

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I believe these are the “fake” holy pandas coming out of China that was warned about some time ago. I can’t remember where I seen the post, but if I can dig it up I’ll link it here. The TLDR of it if I’m remembering correctly is that these are lower quality than the dorp HPs, but not completely worthless. Gonna see if I can dig that post up.


U mean higher quality than dorp’s HPs then :upside_down_face:


i have a pack of FEKER PANDA and milky green
in my opinion,they gave me a big surprise because they have such a good quality but in that price(may be the lowest price in customize switches)
the FEKER PANDA have higher pitch and more rounded tactile feeling than drop HP.And they are highly similar to drop HP after lubed
the milky green are smoother,quieter than gateron red(didnt try others linear switches cuz im not a linear player)


They are OEM products by Huano. I have samples of all their switches. In my opinion, the white-bluish panda switch is the best among them all. Huano’s products are mostly oem for the big brands in bulk. The quality varies a lot. Some are surprisingly good, but some are still mediocre.

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