What do we know about the Leopold "Star" switches?

People are talking about a new switch for Leopold keyboard under the name of the “Star” series.

They come in two variants, tactile and linear. I think the latter is 62 gr.

I have read that the tactile “Star” switches are mean to be a sort of Ergo Clear. You can read about the force diagram [not sure which variant] here:


They are supposedly more tactile than Ergo Clears. It is possible to buy them independently on TaoBao, when they are in-stock. This suggests they may not be manufactured by Leopold.

Does anyone know about the tactile “Star” characteristics, and of their similarity to Ergo Clears?


Never heard of these. Thanks for posting!

I think @Rob27shred had some of the linear ones

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Lol…no way can I peruse the TaoBao site. My Chinese hasn’t gotten any better. I’d love to give these a try as I’m a tactile man until I’m not.

I got some of the 62g linear ones in my Sirius right now. Overall they are a very nice switch IME. Very smooth (like close to JWK/Durock linear smooth), decently tight housings (can possibly be used without films, I film all my switches though so don’t quote me here), & nice neutral coloring. The only real complaint I can throw it’s way is that they are plate mount (3 pin) only right now. So you need to use them on a fairly fixed plate for best alignment. If the tactiles are as smooth as the linears & have a MX clear like bump I’d like to try them TBH. I just happened to come across my batch on mechmarket, but I’ll ask the guy I got them from how he got them.


Thanks! I was thinking of contacting that guy also, as I saw the ad on MM.

TaoBao (via proxies) seems to be the main source, right now.

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Can you comment on the sound? I know you’ve modded them, but would you be able to draw some comparisons to other switches?


I always thought that if a mfg. like Durock started copying and improving Cherry stalwarts like Browns and [Ergo] Clears, they could actually make a decent switch. Maybe something like that is happening with the Star tactiles.

[If I were Leopold, I would basically go to Durock and say, ‘here, make a 65 gr Clear, using fresh molds and smooth plastic.’ Then, I would finally have decent tactiles for factory keyboards.]

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Sound wise I’d compare them to Alpacas, Merlot/Linjar/Gat recolors, milky Gaterons. Not a very loud or sharp clack to them, drowned out even more once lubed. Fairly quiet IME.

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