What do we know about the Leopold "Star" switches?

Just the extra little nib at the bottom of the stem pole & I use flush cutters for it.

It’s like this with whisk(e)y, too. :tumbler_glass:


So are the tactiles like T1s, Browns, or v1 Zeals? Everyone has a different answer ha.

The SP Star Purple, the heavy tactiles that are about 67 G, are very similar to T1s.

Some say they are a little better sounding / smoother than stock T1s.

The SP Star Meteor Orange is their light tactile. It is very similar to MX Brown.

Yes you guys are right, the switch is SP-STAR grey. I wasn’t very familiar with their grey/white/purple switches, but I have bought some linear switches from SP-STAR (green translucent housing, black stem).

I’m not sure whether if their is any official name for these switches. The name of the green one is roughly translated to “cyber” and the blue one is “starry night”. Both switches are linear and have the same force curve. These switches are a bit more scratchy than alpacas but totally serviceable right out of the box.

TBH I only got these due to the illumination material lol.

I can’t include links yet, I am referring to the switches SP-STAR released last year with housings that illuminates.

Update link:

Huge thanks for the info!

I finally stumbled across some from a Korean vendor. I wanted to make sure I got the real deal as I’ve seen these mislabeled on other sites.