What do you do with your keycaps (inexpensive keysets) you no longer have use/care for?

  • Sell them (choosing this option means it’s possible)
  • Keep them and pass them down to your successor
  • Throw them away for garbage disposal
  • Something else (specify:______)

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I’m sure for expensive keysets that are no longer valuable to the person for personal reasons, selling them is the only option. So, I’m pretty curious as to what people do with their keycaps that are “inexpensive” and have also become useless/worthless. Can they even be sold second-hand? These could be cheap keysets from aliexpress, the default keycaps of pre-built keyboards, or even TaiHao keycaps. Having recently watched National Geographic Channel’s videos on plastics and the problems that have risen from it, it made me wonder what happens to keycaps that have become worthless.

Keycap Science!

Usually that’s the best thing to do with old keycaps you can’t sell imo. Either that or gift it to someone who could benefit from them.

I wonder are keycaps recyclable or not? Like can GMK/SP take worthless keycaps, melt them, and reuse them in making new kaycaps? Since they’re selling grab bags, I guess not. Keycap science is interesting. Wish there was a video about it. There was only a very short video showing Signature Plastics’ workplace.

I actually use them as “beater” sets for when I need to break switches in, or just when I dont feel like getting my nicer caps dirty

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I have held onto them so far but I tend to only buy the sets that I really love so I haven’t felt the need to get rid of any!

I’m saving them up for artwork. If you can get a good mix of colors and legends it looks pretty cool. Hot glue them onto a 3d shape.

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I recycle (in the sense of putting them in a bag for waste disposal people) any of the ones made from plastic, especially ABS. I don’t really go for the luxury, custom sets and only ever deal with the cheap kind that may have differently colored plastics at most.

I hoard them in case I ever sell the keyboard they came from. Will I ever sell my Pok3r? Maybe. Will I sell the DSA ketset on it? Probably not.