What do you guys think about the XWing set?


I think this is probably the reference look for the set. X-wings have red and some yellow but no orange. Yes, I believe that’s the flight suits. Slightly paler shade of red and yellow would have been better, but the spirit is there.


Ah yes, I see now. Forgive me, it’s been a while and the memory isn’t what it once was.

EDIT: I agree, but I am old and prefer subtlety. DSA Canvas remains my goto

Probably because they want to make slightly more than zero money on these, which seems reasonable to me. With the high-end packaging, licensing, and the minimum marketing commitments that I know Disney tends to require of licensees, along with the newly increased pricing from SP, I can’t imagine that they’re making much of anything on these, even at $250, unless they sell some insanely high volume. I think these sets are mostly a labor of love for the guys at Novelkeys because they’re actual hard-core Star Wars nerds, a fact I have witnessed personally. :slight_smile:

Now, we can all together bemoan the pricing that SP has set for SA dyesub sets (which, having gotten such a set quoted myself, I feel is out of all proportion to their other offerings), but that’s a separate matter. haha

(By way of background, SP has raised their pricing significantly lately across the board—which recently affected my Arabic DSA set—due to their own increases in raw materials costs on the resin. The cost of everything related to physical manufacturing and shipping has gone bonkers in the past year or so.)


Oh I totally commend anyone’s quest for monetary greatness, no qualms there.

I’m not too into high-end packaging and think they could have released this same exact design minus the officially licensed logos/graphics for a bit less. I imagine those Disney royalties get pretty expensive. But I totally get that it’s a Star Wars thing and that’s cool too.

I wasn’t aware of SP’s price hike though. That’s a bummer. Hopefully things stabilize soon.

I believe that Disney also has pretty stringent packaging requirements for its licensed products too.


As a designer, do you think it’s sustainable, or will we find our breaking point soon (both mechs and the real world)? Seems like it can’t go on like this forever.

I think it goes beyond the world of design and manufacturing. Inflation seems crazy all over the place, in both physical and financial assets. I’m fairly sure a crash and some pain are in all of our future, alas. :confused:


In Nathan’s Novelkeys interview, Mike talks a little about the licensed sets here. Some cool context and complements what Ryan said above.