What do you guys think about the XWing set?

I think it’s pretty sweet, actually. I don’t get the light blue on the arrows and nav cluster, but the rest is nice! A year lead time but that’s to be expected. I might jump on this.

Now, who wants to get me one of these keyboads to go with it? Coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.


Was gonna say - that weathered look is almost a must for an X-wing themed build - good choice to show these off with.

Arrow keys remind me of Mario blocks.

Mixed feelings

I get it. But Star Wars is supposed to be fun, right? This seems in the spirit.


Ye, but the CONUS only and no kit’s makes me wanna give _nk the bird… :upside_down_face:

I sort of wish they kept the pastel vibe going on the reds and yellow. They’re a bit bold IMO.

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I didn’t even see that was US and Canada only. Wonder if another vendor is picking up sales for international? Seems odd.

Lots of opportunities here with customizing. You could further weather the caps with a wash!

I honestly wish SP would offer some
Of these amazing neutral colors in their made to order PBT kits. Ive asked them for a beige set for years. Never seems to happen


Isolated from the current state of things, I like it. I think it’s pretty fun, the TKL shots look nice with the pale blue navigation keys. The random blue alphas are pretty neat too. And I think it captures some of those Yavin IV Rebel colors and vibes.

But, (a) I like the Boba Fett keyset more, which is what I would pick up when/if they’re restocked, and (b) I’m doing my best to avoid SA/GMK GBs for now given the long waits and all the sets I already have in queue. (I bring this up simply to say, I don’t think it appeals to me enough to impulse buy…and I LOVE Star Wars.)

Is it $250 because it’s SA and that’s made from more plastic?



I think the plastic volume is part of it. I think another part of it is that SP produces in the US. Add in some licensing and you’ve got a pricy keyset.

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A lot of money to put down for over a year delivery time. That said, it’s one of the better licensed sets- other than no kits.

I feel like a bully posting this, but


It’s ok. Looks like a generic Famicom set from China.

It is still the best Star Wars set though… (at least in my opinion).

I am curious how many Lucas/Disney employees have these…

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The bar is low, like the MT3 Marvel sets.

I like the DSA Sith keycaps they probably look better in person like DSA Otaku.

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Honestly I’m happy to see other people like this set, I don’t care for any of these star wars sets because I think they fit the theme well, but I don’t think they look like something I’d want on my desk. And this is coming from someone with about 4 or 5 different sets of SA Laser and one GMK Laser, so take my opinion and throw it right in the trashcan :wink:

Do X-Wings not have òrange, or is that just the uniforms? I would have dug a Titanfallesque colourway.