What do you love about mechanical keyboards?

Just a simple rumination :speech_balloon:

Here’s what I love about mechanical keyboards: you’re making a percussion instrument for work.


I wrote an article about this a couple years ago, but for me right now I think I can boil it down:

  • It’s like a fidget thing you can be productive with
  • Helps keep acuity in my hands in the face of nerve damage
  • Variations, you say? Customizable, even? And lots of colors!?
  • I’m a sensation seeker, and nailing a paragraph on some well-tuned switches is so satisfying to my ears, my fingers, and my brain
  • Gives me something fun to write about

I could write an entire essay of things i like, but one of the most important and obvious ones is that i love the customizing aspect of it. from materials to shapes and thicknesses of certain things to colors and even fine tuning sound and feel of a board.


It’s so nerdy but so sensory…lots of colors and pretty things but also a lot of mechanics…it’s fiddly and physically addictive…everyone loves to literally push buttons, from childhood.

And all these quirks make it fun to talk about individual preferences and experiences and relate niche knowledge or findings…and there are enough varieties and enough subjectivity that a somewhat educated noob can enjoyably converse with a veteran hobbyist.

As the former, my impressions of a board or switch may still be interesting to someone who’s built 15 keyboards but hasn’t tried what I have.