What do you want to see that's not already available?


Aristotle stems are recently more difficult to get in large amounts.
I would very much love to see someone try and cast and\or remake those stems.


There was an interest check for something like this maybe a year back. The IC runner wanted to gauge interest in redesigning and producing aristotles replicas with abetter click jacket/arm piece. Or something to that effect. I dont believe anything really came of it, which is a bummer. I would love to make some more stotle mod switches, but even the aristotles I did get a hold of were pretty inconsistent, switch to switch.


Buckling spring in an mx switch. Don’t tell me it’s impossible. Nothing is impossible!


Actually I think this would be very possible using a MX style bottom housing to hold a membrane & a pivot plate/spring assembly. Then make a custom top housing with the barrel on it. It could probably even be made MX cap compatible if a slider with a cruciform mount was designed into the top housing to replace the the part of BS caps that hold the top of the spring & force it to buckle. The only issues I could see is the height of the custom top housing & how much shrinking it to fall in line more regular MX switch height would affect the operation & feel. I’m not sure if the spring would buckle properly if it was made shorter & if it does having a shorter spring with a smaller pivot plate may negatively affect the feel. Definitely a cool ideal though!


A blued steel case. Blued finish on a Browning Hi Power was lovely. I think it would look great on a 60%.


Single topre switches for regular hot swap pcb types.


Complex ALPS clones with mx/box stems.


I want convex Alt keys that are closer together (for better thumb access). Which means shorter spacebars.


More easily available Holy Pandas.

Weighted brass plates.

1000hz polling rate PCBs because video games.

A Tofu case with less sharp corners lol


Holy pandas are very easy to get these days. Massdrop is stocking Halos while NovelKeys is stocking Yoks. Do you mean just pre-assembled?


Yeah pre-assembled is what I meant.


I would like to see one of the big keycap players figure out doubleshot PBT. Leopold, Tai Hao, and random aliexpress vendors have done it




Better stabs.


I have a kailh lowpro switch keyboard that uses a simple/amazing stab system. The stab wire is bent in the middle for centering, and the switches have a clip molded into the housing for the center of the wire to clip into. The ends of the wire bend down to keep it lifted off of the baseplate. Then the keycaps have a loose clothspin style clip on the left and rightside of the keycap which dynamically picks up the wire when you press the keycap down. For the spacebar they have two stability wells on the far sides where a flat guide comes down from the keycap. These stability wells also double as clips for holding the the wire.

When you pair this up with the unique stems of kailh lowpro, you really get an enjoyable keycap experience. Simply lift up on the left or rightside of a key to take it off, no puller necessary, not even for stabilized keys.

Now, I can’t say definitively that the stabilizer is better due to the highpitched clicks of the kailh switches, but I tried to notice a difference between keys with the wire and without in comparison to 1u keys, and I don’t think the stabilizers color the feel or the sound at all. The mods sound slightly different purely due to the keycaps being larger and resonating a lower frequency. Hm, I wonder if people would be interested in a keycap profile where all keys resonate at the same frequency. The larger the cap, the thinner the plastic.

Anyway, i hope we’ll start making customs with the new tech in the future. I think easy to remove keycaps are pretty vital for cleaning as well as keycap customization for enabling more amateur keyboard enthusiasts that want to program their own layout.


Good (read: novatouch) inexpensive MX sliders


The first part of that sounds fantastic but the second part of having larger caps with thinner plastic may pose problems with the moulds, and the method by which they’re filled. This could result in cracks or weakened lines along the middle of the cap (look at some SP SA modifier caps).


custom keyboards with fasteners/fastening mechanisms other than screws


I’d like to see this too maybe with something like magnets.